Sneaking Around in the Dark, Like a Reman

Well we are less than week out of the election here in the USA and all the polls for presidential ships are in. Looks like Hillary flies the USS Private Server, a cruiser according to 37% but 32% thought she’d fly a carrier. I think in light of all these revelations she is actually a Romulan so I think she flies the Fleet D’Deridex, so it’s the IRW Private Server! Donald Trump is like the Grand Nagus, he would fly the USS Border Wall but it is a tie as to what type of ship he’d have. 27.5% think destroyer and an equal amount think battle cruiser. So he would either fly the Nandi or the D’kora ūüėČ For Gary Johnson you all seem to think he’ll fly a science ship, seriously, that guy isn’t really that smart, I mean “what’s Aleppo?”. But 73% is an overwhelming mandate, so who am I to argue? I think he would be a Deferri, right? Finally Jill Stein in the USS Treehugger. This was the latest poll and has the fewest results, but half of you voted that she too will fly a science ship. OK enough of that that, now to the main event.

The Romulan Reputation system is one of the oldest in the game. It was the third such system in place after the original Omega Force and Nukara Reputation.

One of the things I like about this system is that it does not require any special items to do projects. No neural processors or ancient power cells or other such annoying fetch items. Just tally up the marks, dilithium and some EC and go do the project.

This rep system features two space sets and a weapons set along with a bunch of ground and space gear, and some consumables. The two space sets are very similar with some variance in the modifiers and the appearance packages are very different. The Reman set still has one of the sleekest and sexiest appearance packages in all of STO. The ordnance set is also pretty boss. The Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher is a beast and the console is actually pretty good as well. The beam array is the weakest piece but it does ignore weapon power energy drain. This package has nice set bonuses. I have mentioned these before, but today I am going over a Reman build utilizing these reputation pieces.

marksThe Romulan Reputation system is easy to get small amounts of marks quickly. But large amounts can be grindy. The many patrol missions in Tau Dewa gain 10 marks each and with a good ship and captain you can complete the whole patrol (4-5 waves of enemies) in a couple of minutes. There are enough of them in close around New Romulus to keep grinding away even with the 30 minute cooldown. Just grinding those gets you plenty of marks. There are a few of these that are diplomatic assists, those may take longer to complete. One problem with the Romulan Reputation is a lack of players in the PVE queues.

Look at the list of missions to get marks for this rep system! It is not a stretch to suggest that you can grind out 100-150 marks an hour pretty easily.

It is important to remember that reputation system gear is very good, but make sure it is going to perform as well as or better than Fleet gear because fleet items are sometimes easier and cheaper to get.

2016-10-30_18-25-17I decided to do a couple of builds using these rep system items. Now, full disclosure, I have several ships already decked out in this equipment including my top Romulan toon, Be’ina who flies the Falchion with all of these items in Mark XIV glory. I’ll chat that officer up along with a few stealth ships that can greatly benefit from the Reman set.

I also have a KDF B’rel retrofit as a sneaky torpedo boat equipped with the deflector and shield and the hyper-plasma torpedo launcher. Coupled with a Romulan BOFF the ship can fly undetected by all but the best science sleuths. Covariant shields are better suited to beefy tank ships but with an enhanced battle cloak shields are moot since they are generally down under cloak.

The Falchion benefits from the high-capacity covariant type shield in this set for two reasons. One it is a big and fairly sluggish ship and covariant shields are well suited to the cruiser and dreadnought classes. But the Romulan ships add the advantage of a battle cloak and since this ship is equipped with the ‘Singularity Distributor Unit’ that allows the shields to remain up and active whilst under the cloak. This is a great advantage particularly when making an escape. All ships with a battle cloak have a brief period of severe vulnerability when cloaking and taking fire as the shields go down immediately but the cloak takes a couple of seconds to fully engage. This combination eliminates that extra danger and allows for escapes to the realm¬†of stealth¬†with the full protection of the shields.

I am generally not a fan of having multiple special consoles but this Reman Falchion is a notable exception for me. It is equipped with four special consoles including all three of the Romulan Dreadnought consoles and the Zero Point Energy console that completes the weapons set. The Zero Point Energy console is a good console with great passive buffs, but the dreadnought consoles, not so much. The set bonuses are weak, I have already gone off on how STO nerfed the crap out of the Thalaron Pulse ability so easily I could take the secondary shields and cloaked barrage out to beef up other systems with better passive consoles. In  fact that is actually my recommendation, keep the singularity distributor ( shields while cloaked) and the zero point but replace the other two scimitar series consoles with traditional passive consoles that support your play style.

As far as the ordnance set goes, get at least the Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher and the zero point energy console. The two piece set bonus yields a 7.6% plasma damage bonus which is very good when using the traditional Romulan style plasma weapons. The console has excellent passive boosts to all power levels and power insulators also. I have the three pieces and frankly on this ship I easily could have used turrets aft and skipped the hyper plasma beam array. The third set bonus is exclusive to that weapon anyway so not having it doesn’t hurt you much. It is nice that the beam array in this set does not drain weapon power.

wepset   setpowersweps

The Reman space set is pretty solid. You could compare this set to a Fleet Elite Shield, Engines, and Deflector. I think the fleet set will be stronger, but this set does offer decent set bonuses especially when using it with the Hyper-Plasma Torpedo launcher. The Reman shield has a nice stackable 10% proc that increases shield cap by 5% when hit with directed energy. In an intense battle this shield can quickly swell to 150% capacity. It is a good tanking shield.remanset

setpowersWhen using this set stealth is nicely buffed and having Romulan or Reman BOFFs can add up to 200 additional stealth points. The Romulan/Reman trait Superior Subtefuge is what you want for that 200 point perk.

This ship as equipped is pretty hardy, the hull is not quite as stout as this same toon flying her Fleet D’Deridex which tops out over 100k but it turns better, has pets and five forward weapons bays, so I think it works well.

I have several ships with a number of different characters flying with this similar setup. They all utilize the Reman Space set and the Romulan ordnance set. Admiral Sager has a Odyssey and a Scryer Intel Science ship with this basic outfit, KDF Roddicka has both a Battle cruiser and a torpedo boat B’rel retrofit with this basic setup although the B’rel puposely doesn’t have complete sets. A few other toons also have this setup on at least one ship.

You really need to fly this set with plasma based weapons to fully take advantage of it. Over all the set gives one of the most sleek and badass looks in the game and it is a pretty solid performer as well. I feel like this set is best suited to ships featuring a battle cloak or enhanced battle cloak. The stealth bonuses are cool.

There are a lot of solid sets, some in the reputation and some free for completing missions. Check them all out and search this blog as I have reviewed many of the special sets in STO. In fact I would like to bring back a poll from the past about reputation  space sets and see what you all think of the best sets in STO.


2 thoughts on “Sneaking Around in the Dark, Like a Reman

  1. So a couple of things…

    …minor difference in opinion, but I think the Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array is far better than you give it credit for! The zero power drain is huge! Pretty much a must-have for any plasma weapon build, IMHO.

    …and two, looks like Hilary Clinton’s cruiser is generating too much Thread and pulling too much aggro, and now she’s running out of heals. Uh-oh. Not tanky enough. :0

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