Xyffy and the Mat

Holy upsets Batman, the Grand Nagus just beat Empress Sela in the American Presidential Election! I guess I’ll have to fly around in a Nandi this week 😉

It’s been awhile since I did a Head-2-Head ship contest. So why not now? I’ll get the third piece of the Nausican ordnance set today and write about that next time. Meanwhile let’s get ready to rumble… it’s the Vorgon Xyfius versus the Klingon Mat’Ha Raptor in this T6 Head-2-Head.

I wrote about the Vorgon ship shortly after it’s release during this past summer’s event on Risa. The more I fly that ship the more I like it. It is a boss piece of engineering and one of the best escorts in STO.

The Mat’Ha Raptor is a very interesting ship. It is armed with five weapons bays up front and two aft giving it a strong front and weak six like the Andorian Kumari. But true to form Raptors are a little tougher than most escorts and have the additional benefit of a built-in cloaking device. Oddly, the Mat’Ha which came out about the same time as the Qib Battle Cruiser gets a standard cloak while the Qib gets a battle cloak. I wanted to call this blog “Xyffy and Qib”. That has a really nice ring to it, right? But comparing a battle cruiser to an escort seemed a bit off base.

The Mat’Ha Raptor has a 0.85 shield modifier which is a little better than the 0.83 on T5 Raptors but weaker than the typical Starfleet escort at 0.90. The Vorgon has cruiser like shields with a full 1.0 modifier. The Mat’Ha has a stout hull but not as beefy as the Vorgon until you fleet it up. The Mat’Ha is also limited to T5 like bonus power, 15 to weapons and the Vorgon enjoys 15 weapons and 5 engines. Both ships have a 15 turn rate but the Raptor has an advantage in the inertia rating 60 to 75. This gives the Mat’Ha a handling advantage as it reacts to changes in throttle and turning quicker. The lower the inertia rating the more the ship “slides” when changing speed or direction. Anything above 50 is decent but 75 is outstanding.

I have been working on a new ship rating system. It isn’t quite perfected yet as escorts still seem to have a disadvantage when measured against raiders or cruisers. But measuring class to class it works OK. The rating system scales to 0-100 with 100 being “perfect”. There are engineering, science, tactical, stealth, and support ratings and then an overall power rating. The Vorgon is much better on engineering and support but about equal in science and tactical and even overall power. Stealth is comparatively weak as it has no cloak like the KDF ships.


You really have to get the fleet version of the Mat’ha to go toe-to-toe with this impressive Vorgon ship.  Admiral Sager has his Vorgon ship all decked out in the Nukara space set and weapons. That ship is an absolute terror! Dahar Master Roddicka, my toughest KDF toon has her Mat’ha nicely equipped yet it just doesn’t seem to have the same smack-down persona as this Xyfius ship does. Of course Roddicka can fly the Xyfius as well and in fact she has one.

If the Mat’Ha had a battle cloak it would offer some extra appeal for KDF hit and run types that like to use stealth to enhance tactical advantage and offer defense. But this ship doesn’t have a battle cloak. If the Vorgon ship were equipped with the same cloak that the Mat’Ha has its power rating would jump up to just over 60. This Vorgon ship is the bomb.

In fairness as always it comes down to play style. The novelty of a 5 gun front is worn off but there are still relatively few ships offering that kind of forward punch. In fact STO has over 400 ships and you can count on your fingers and toes those that have five weps up front. With the proper power setup and weapons a great deal of devastation can be unleashed upon your enemies with the 5 up front layout.

About the cloaking device, I think that the federation cloaking device obtained with the defiant or dreadnought should be usable on any ship. Don’t you all think that there are too many restrictions on stuff like that? Seriously the canon of Trek supports the notion. There were cloaking devices stolen by the Mirror Universe in DS9. There is a precedent for the notion of modifying the Romulan cloaking device for use on other ships including the Defiant. In fact it was a deal with the Romulans that resulted in the Klingons getting the technology for cloaking. I believe it was D7s in exchange for cloaking tech. Also why not have the game offer a universal console cloaking device for sale by those ‘wascally’ Ferengi at the Lobi Crystal Consortium? You here that, Cryptic? That’s a good idea 🙂

So which of these two ships is the better choice? It’s anecdotal at best but I think Xyffy takes the KDF ship to the “Mat” and wins this Head-2-Head battle. Below is my obligatory chart.



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