Those Nasty Nausicaans have some ‘Entoiled’ Ordnance

So you have all played through the new featured episode three times, right? If so, you should have all three pieces to the latest freebie set from our pals at Cryptic.  The Entoiled Technology Set offers us a Torpedo Launcher, Beam Array, and matching console. As is typical with these special sets having more than one equipped will add bonus passive or active abilities.

beamThe Nausicaan Disruptor Beam Array is in fact a disruptor beam and it has the standard disruptor proc along with a special proc; 2.5% chance to hold enemy. This proc is further enhanced by the 2nd piece set bonus that applies additional DOT disruptor damage when the proc is active.

torpThe Nausicaan Energy Torpedo Launcher is pretty interesting. This torpedo launcher works like any other torpedo launcher except that it does disruptor energy damage rather than kinetic damage. Energy torpedoes are not so novel, there is another, the Crystalline Energy Torpedo that uses antiproton energy. This unit shares the special proc of slowing the enemy but has a more generous 20% chance to proc.

consoleNausicaan Siphon Capacitor – Science Console. The console is nice in that it offers fairly generous passive buffs to drain expertise, power transfer, and disruptor damage. It is a science console, not a universal console, so keep that in mind, this console will occupy one of your science slots. It is interesting to see that it offers buffs to science, engineering, and tactical abilities however.

The three-piece set has two set bonuses. The aforementioned DOT damage on proc, “Nausicaan Weaponry Augmentation”, and a passive power for all three pieces called, “Nausicaan Power Initiative”. This yields a passive bonus of 26.6% disruptor damage and +50 to hull penetration which helps defeat hull resistance.

There are several scenarios where this set might really shine. Suppose you are flying a ship that is heavy on either science or engineering. Many of these ships only have 2-3 tactical console slots. This makes it difficult to get the power up on energy weapons. Traditional kinetic torpedoes are boosted with separate consoles from energy weapons. With only a couple of tactical consoles you may find yourself unable to really effectively punch up your weapon damage. This set uses all disruptor damage for both the torpedo launcher and the beam array. A single disruptor damage boost yields improvement for both the torpedoes and beam weapons. A ship equipped with this set gets a science console that boosts disruptor damage by 20% and a set bonus boosting it 26.6%. That is pretty good considering you still have the 2-3 tactical consoles left to further enhance your damage output.

I initially tested this set on the 31st century dreadnought that Admiral Sager has sitting unused. I am also trying it out with my Fed science toon, Admiral Rodessa. So far I like it. This is a freebie set my friends. No dilithium grinding, no endless mission replays, just three goes at the rather easy “Echoes of Light” mission and the set is yours! This set could also be used with one of the other Disruptor based sets, The Withering Disruptor Set in the Terran Task Force reputation system is one of my favs. It adds both a DOT withering radiation proc and deals up to 200% damage as the enemy’s hull decreases! The Preserver Resonant Technologies set is another featured mission freebie set that could be used effectively with this set.

My gut instinct on this set is to use it in conjunction with either the Resonant Technologies or Terran Reputation Munitions set, perhaps even all three on a destroyer or battle cruiser layout maybe minus one of the other torpedo launchers. A beam setup on the battle cruiser with dual BB up front and the arrays aft. On a destroyer with good seating for a tactical officers single cannons up front with the beam arrays aft could be good as well. The set is also ideal for a science ship where the console in the set occupies one of the 4 or 5 science console slots and offers passive buffs in all three career paths. Another possible choice might be the Experimental Dauntless Science ship with the Terran Space Set, Terran Munitions and this set. Use both the beams and cannons from the Terran set and have a science destroyer spat out out from the gates hell.

2016-11-16_11-37-46This is by no means my favorite freebie weapons set, but it is very solid and versatile. Disruptor energy is not my preferred damage type but I have lots of ships and I love setting them all up differently.  I found the set to be very effective on my 31st century Temporal Dreadnought. The ship is brand new and unmastered. I threw a bunch of Mk XII gear on it including the Aegis Technology Space set. This is not a particularly powerful set up and yet I crushed the standard Japori and Carraya patrols I use as benchmarks.

If you didn’t bother getting this set my only question is: “Why the hell not”? It’s free and it takes less than 90 minutes to get all three pieces.


3 thoughts on “Those Nasty Nausicaans have some ‘Entoiled’ Ordnance

  1. My options in this mjssion are Beam, Science console, Tac console, and Lockbox. Ive played it on every difficulty and torpedo will not show up for me. What am I doing wrong?

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