Market Depressed D’Kora a steal on the Exchange

OK, before I start, I was in a Borg Cure Advanced PVE flying cloaked waiting to ambush the boss and a dialog box pops up, informing me of the impending arrival of the boss ship, blah, blah, blah… and I realized, wait a second, I’m still cloaked! Could it be they fixed that glitch? If so kudos! Really? 6 freaking years it took for this! I’m gonna have to test it in other areas and other ships, but if this top ten STO pet peeve item is gone, hallelujah!

dkoraLive by latinum, die by latinum. The arrival of the T6 Grand Nagus version of the D’Kora Marauder is an unlikely source for the recent plummet in exchange values for the original playable Ferengi ship as that ship so far is a limited “secret” release. The fact that the Nandi was made available for thousands of players last year during the summer event in Risa may have contributed to the fall off in demand. One of the big features of the D’Kora was that for many years it was the only playable starship that offered access on board to a trader, bank, exchange, and even Dabo! The Nandi brought that with it as well. It seems the D’Kora has succumbed to the pressure on pricing. This D’Kora was really the first “battle cruiser” that Feddies could get their hands on. I always wanted one, but never enough to part with 200 to 300 million EC. I however, was perusing the exchange on Black Friday looking for deals, and boy did I find one. But I had already hit the C-Store Black Friday lottery buying up Zen at a 25% discount and then stealing a T6 Tactical Escort for another 25% off! OK while still enjoying the excellent Cryptic Black Friday Buzz, I was shopping the exchange I came across a D’Kora at 72M EC, I thought, wow that’s cheap, so I surfed a bit more and saw several even cheaper and nabbed one for myself at the paltry sum of just 54M. Could there be any better day in America than Black Friday for buying a symbol of capitalism like the Ferengi D’Kora, I think not. One other thing, I see the market is also depressed on the Kemocite Laced Weapons. They are way down in price on the exchange. When I wrote up the review of the tactical BOFF ability they were 50-100 times the price they are fetching now. Read about Kemocite here. I bought several of them to allow my other less fortunate toons use the ability.

dkora-2Alright, back to the review of the Marauder. I have mentioned this ship in passing comparison to other ships I have owned and decided that now I will offer up a full review of this classic battle cruiser. Full disclosure, I gave this ship to my relatively new toon, Akir who is a level 60 Ferengi engineer but has no where near the clout and power of say, Admiral Sager. None-the-less he will be a fine test subject for this D’Kora battle cruiser.

I’m not even going to wait till the end, for 50-70M EC this is a no brainer, this ship depending on your play style of course, will go toe to toe with the likes of the juggernauts, Avenger and Mogh! Yes seriously, now it’s not gonna take it to the T6 variants but it fights hard compared to other T5 ships. For those of you who are a bit Zen poor, this ship at less than 100M EC is 90% as good as an Avenger or Mogh for what amounts to chump change. Don’t worry about the T5-U upgrade as it is a freebie for this ship!

The D’Kora can certainly equip cannons instead of the beams that I have shown here. It has enough tactical seating to support a cannon BOFF arrangement but it is a little tight so I went with beams. If you want a cannon blaster the Nandi is better as it sports a delicious battle ready Commander chair for a tactical officer.

2016-11-26_17-44-03This ship was an early adopter of the novel idea of a transforming ship. The universal console, ‘Battle Module 3000’ comes equipped and this console allows the ship to utilize two ship modes and two abilities. In standard ‘default’ mode the console allows the ship to have the ability ‘EMP’. This is a strong debuff that reduces all nearby enemy power levels to 30, prohibits the use of batteries, reduces power transfer rates by 66% and any abilities that buff transfer rate by 90%. When the ship transforms into ‘battle mode’ there is a physical change in the appearance of the ship revealing the weapons port for the swarm missile ability which now replaces the EMP. More important is the fact that the ship gains 30 points in both projectile and weapon damage, 30% better turn rate, a boost of 10 to weapons and 5 to engines while only giving up 5 auxiliary power. This console can be used as a set with the Nandi’s special console to add a passive, 12.5% torpedo damage, +18 kinetic damage resistance and another 35% boost to turn rate. This is how Akir set his D’Kora up.

Back in the day, the swarm missile ability was pretty badass, but like a cell phone the badassery loses luster with age. The swarm missile ability is just mediocre now and with a two-minute cooldown, it’s not that great. As old as this ship is it still competes well. You have to fleet up the Avenger and Mogh to get anywhere near the same hull strength as this stout Marauder, and even then the D’Kora has more hull. This ship has a full-sized cruiser hull rating with a level 60, fully mastered 57,200 hull points. The D’Kora also has a much better shield modifier with a sweet 1.15 vs. the standard 1.0 for both the Avenger and Mogh. Even when the C-Store entrants are “fleeted up” those D’Kora shields are still tougher.

Of course it can’t go unmentioned, the Avenger and Mogh both feature the menacing 5/3 weapons layout and this Ferengi ship is a classic 4/4.  It should be noted that players using a broadside style of beam attack do not really gain anything with the 5/3 set up. The Avenger and Mogh have modest turn rates that really preclude the ship from getting the maximum potential out of that 5 forward attack. The D’Kora has a slightly slower base turn rate of 8 compared to 9 for the Avenger and Mogh, but the combination of the passive 30% turn bonus in battle mode and the set bonus when also using the Metaphasic box from the Nandi makes this ship noticeably more agile than either of the others from the KDF or Starfleet. BTW, the Nandi can use the Battle 3000 module as well to gain the bonuses as well. If you prefer the Nandi this ship may be worth the 50-60M just for console although that is a steep price to pay for the console with that limp missile attack in spite of the great passives.

I used my standard Romulan Patrol Loop to get this ship quickly mastered. The Patrol loop uses the Japori, Beta Thoridor, Narenda, and Carraya patrols to rack up quick mastery points. My high dps toons can run all four much faster than the thirty minute cooldown, so I run a PVE or two after the first four to kill the clock and start another loop. Less efficient killing toons may have the timer done at the end of the first four and thus can just fly the loop infinitely until the ship is mastered. I average about 1500 (1000-2000) mastery points per patrol so that makes about 12000 points per loop. Throw in a couple of PVEs and you’ll get about 16-17k per hour. OK, enough of that. 2016-11-29_12-52-04

My Ferengi, Akir is an engineer and he does pretty well in this ship. He’s not breaking  any DPS records and with all the gear limited to Mark XII the 10k or so he consistently puts out is decent. The ship tanks well with that fat hull, sciencey shields, and a fair turn rate. I have no doubt that Admiral Sager would crush it with this ship. He could easily have a 30k DPS assault ship while maintaining good solid tanking.

Exchange Prices 11/29/2016

This ship is a bargain at the 54M EC I paid for it. I am seriously thinking about getting another one for the Admiral. I am still working on the power rating system for ships, but the current system yields very similar overall power ratings for all four ships. The Fleet versions of the Mogh and Avenger would come in a few points higher around 55 or so and the non-upgraded versions around 46. The Avenger and Mogh cost 2500 Zen each. It cost an additional 500-700 zen to upgrade them to a T5-U and then another 500 zen to get a fleet module for the Fleet version. EC is not that hard to come by. I figure the current Zen to EC exchange value rate is 630k EC per Zen and that means you can effectively buy this amazing D’Kora Marauder for around the equivalent of 1000 Zen (63M EC) in full T5-U glory.

Of course I have a couple of charts below.dkoracompdkoracomp2


5 thoughts on “Market Depressed D’Kora a steal on the Exchange

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the review on this ship and I know it’s old but play on the Xbox One but I saw this on our exchange for 4.5 million energy credits and based on your review I picked it up and I can’t thank you enough because this is currently my favorite ship as a free-to-play player that I have

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