Q-licious Winter Event Underway

I have been grinding away at the icy footrace gaining my 2016 winter vouchers to buy the new T6 version of the venerable Chel Grett. I always liked that Chel Grett and now we will soon have a T6 variant. These event ships are usually very good and often they require a little effort to obtain. Q only asks you to run a foot race that takes all of 2 minutes to complete and earns 40 vouchers. 1000 of these will buy you the ship. That means two minutes a day for 25 days. Easy peezy guys. Go get that ship, you have till January 12th!

New this year is a Klingon Ice Fishing event. These are no ordinary fish, now are they? Of course not, Klingons do not waste their time with tiny useless fish. Klingons are interested in battling the fish. And battle you shall! Of course, Q has his typical twisted sense of humor added to the event. Check out the ice fishing dude on the frozen lake.

I see people on the lake with ice skates, where do you get those? The sneaky little Ferengi in the gazebo doesn’t sell them.

Since I won’t have the new ‘Chel’ till Christmas, I’ll have to focus on other stuff till then.

One thing I eagerly await is maxing out the Fleet K13 starbase functionality in the various fleets my toons are associated with. I am not over the moon about the Xenotech consoles, they are nice and the shield hardness/dam resistant version is solid, however the 50k fleet credits and 10000 dilith is a bit rich when compared to the engineering consoles available at the fleet mining station since those are available in Mk X grade for only 12500 fleet credit and 2500k dilith. It is not that expensive to upgrade those all the way to Mk XIV. Of course farming for fleet credit isn’t that hard I guess.

I am intrigued with the trait enhancements. This allow characters to have certain trait boost to “superior” levels and it looks like most of them are a 50% improvement. What is this? Who let Amar Signh out of his cell πŸ˜‰ We are becoming augments! OK actually, I’m cool with that πŸ™‚ Time to unleash my inner Khan πŸ™‚

The “procedure” isn’t cheap but near as I can tell you will not become a crazed augment Gorn after undergoing treatment. This enhancement to trait will set you back 100,000 fleet credit and 22500 dilithium for each trait enhanced. If you save up enough loot and transform all 9 active traits on your toon you will be substantially stronger in battle. You may even have to rename the character. Perhaps adding Khan as a new middle name πŸ˜‰ Episode reference alert! “Superior ability breeds superior ambition”. I’m feeling some superior ambition coming on.

Take for example the Accuracy trait for space weapons. The standard trait offers a ten percent boost and of course an [acc] modifier on the weapons gains another 10% Let’s suppose you are a person trying to balance damage and accuracy with fleet grade 4 modifier weapons. Say you have [acc]x2 [dmg]x2. You are getting the 2x damage modifier and 20% more accuracy coupled with say 10% additional accuracy with the trait. In theory 30% accuracy and [dmg]x2. Now if you enhance that accuracy trait you now get 15% and the notion of [acc] [dmg]x3 looks solid as you end up with 25% accuracy and [dmg]x3. hitting harder with just a slight decrease in accuracy. This could be a fabulous trade-off. Β Or you could just go all in on accuracy and never miss! This is available with all of the basic character traits of which there are currently 13 available for “enhancement”.

No matter how you perceive the best use of this augmented trait system, getting a 50% boost on potentially nine character traits is pretty badass. That’s all I got this week, I’ll be working on some ship reviews and a head 2 head soon. I added one of my older polls about best reputation console set and updated it to reflect new items, check it out and vote your fav. In the mean time, avoid getting your pattern stuck in a transporter loop, I hate it when that happens πŸ˜‰



7 thoughts on “Q-licious Winter Event Underway

    1. Yes the Unimatrix sield is quite the boss, there is a general consensus among many players regarding resilient shields and I believe that is what drives the love affair with the Iconian set. Both Delta and Iconian are pretty solid.

    2. I also like the Delta set; I have found that it’s especially good for tanking platforms. The assorted bonuses to shields and auxiliary power are preferable to the Iconian set’s focus on engines, but in my mind the one big advantage of the Iconian set is all the hot restarts. These are extremely useful but also situational depending on who you are fighting.

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