Top Core Lap Board

kumaribattle7I have borrowed a bit of a paraphrase from the BBC’s motoring show, Top Gear for this title. What is that all about? Well, I have decided that since I often make reference to the speed at which a ship can eliminate all five waves of enemies in the various Romulan Patrols, perhaps a record chart is needed. I suppose it is really better to suggest it is the Top Gun Battle Board or something. Clearly I need to work on that title a bit.

There are four of those Romulan five wave Patrols in the Tau Dewa sector so which one is the best to use as the benchmark?

The Carraya Patrol features Tal Shiar enemies including the annoying Mogais with their crazy figure eight manuevers and pesky cloaked tractor mines. I feel like Carraya will favor ships with good hold resistance and wide arc weapons. I also feel that the way the enemy NPCs move about. the times will be very spotty depending on how they play each particular mission.

The Japori Patrol features Nausicaan enemies. These ugly bastards do use both the occasional ejection of plasma and those annoying little probes that keep your ship from turning. The Nausicaans do tend to move in a predictable pattern save for the occasional escort zooming out of the 10km firing sphere.

I have less experience with the next two as I only recently added them to my routine. They are the Klingon enemies in the Beta Thoridor Patrol and the Hirogens in the Narenda Patrol. The Klingons are actually pretty easy but the BoPs use the annoying tactic of cloaking in and out so there are inconsistencies based on sheer dumb luck but my play style includes the generous use of torpedo spread and that will not end well for a cloaked BoP. The Hirogens are also pretty easy and predictable although the Apex Battleships also have an annoying disappearing act that can affect timing a bit.

The problem with the Patrol missions is that there is a chance of a faction flagship warping in to help and that of course dis-qualifies the time and initiates the 30 minute cool down. Honestly the ideal test map for me would be the foundry mission near Japori that is a simple kill Fek’Ihri affair. However that is only available to Federation aligned characters. 😦

So here is my plan: I will create a compilation of all four patrols and the combined time will be the mark! great, more work, what the hell was I thinking blurting that out 😉

The way I time the patrols is simple. The clock starts when I fire my first shot (or any direct attack on the enemy) This allows for me to start the mission with a über buff and a good solid approach. The timer ends when the mission complete dialog box pops after the final enemy dies.

In both Carraya and Japori Admiral Sager’s Andorian Kumari is king with a 58 second run in Carraya and a 66 second effort in Japori. I believe that 58 second run was a bit of a lucky shot because what happened was this: The Kumari used the special supercharged wing cannon attack to open destroying the first two enemies instantly and by sheer luck of the proc the cool down went super fast and the ability was available at the end against the final wave of many pesky ships. I got into position quick enough to keep the group close in and hit them with it killing them all instantly with a huge blast of Andorian death and Kemocite explosions. I have never gotten anywhere near that time since. The Kumari’s 2nd best Carraya time is a seemingly sluggish 69 seconds.

These multi-enemy wave type patrols seem to favor single cannon setups over dual cannons. The dual cannons cannot engage nearly as many enemies with scatter volley due to the narrow firing arc. However, the T5-U Fleet Tactical Escort in the hands of Admiral Sager with the Terran Dual Cannon Disruptors crushes the Tal Shiar Mogais better than anything else I got. That ship is my second fastest in that arena.

So I ran a bunch of ships through the paces and filled out the chart so my Kumari wasn’t all alone. I even came up with a name, Top Gun Patrol Kings. I know, not really that original, next thing you know I’ll have two new toons, Iceman and Maverick.

Look at the results from the Breen Boalg. That ship killed it. I think I’ll have to rerun the ships on the Narenda and Beta Thoridor after I get some more practice on them. I have zillions of runs in the other two so my times are naturally quicker. In the end, my Kumari remains my best Patrol Sweeper. That ship consistently clears out wave after wave of enemies like mopping the floor. The two ships at the bottom of the chart are commanded by weaker characters and are equipped with lesser gear.



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