100% Shield Penetration, Worth it?

Lot’s on the agenda for the next few weeks. We will have a new enemy soon; a quasi-canon group called the Tzenkethi. They are mentioned in some canon TV episodes, most notably DS9, but never did they really describe them, show them, etc. It seems STO will take some artistic license and create a tangible version of these Tzenkethi. A new adversary for us to fight starting in the Anniversary event and beyond.

I also was cruising the exchange and found another sweet little ship in the super low price range. You may remember I bought the Tholian Meshweaver Escort last winter, then in the spring found juicy deals on the Malon, APU, and Nihydron ships that I wrote about. These were all ships priced well under 4 million EC and they turned out to be decent ships. This latest ship is the Sphere Builders Destroyer. Like the Nihydron Destroyer, it is more like an escort ship. I’ll write that up next week and let me say it is quite possibly the best of the ‘El Cheapo’ bunch thus far.

2017-01-10_14-56-20I found a bunch of sniper weapons for sale on the exchange with the [ShPen]x4 attribute. These are the  TR-116B Rifle. This is the only weapon I have found with the [ShPen]x4. It is a sniper rifle that utilizes kinetic energy. Kinetic energy by default is highly ineffective against shields, but the [ShPen]x4 provides 100% shield penetration. This means that the kinetic energy is being directly applied to hit points of the target. Many body armor components are weighted heavily towards energy damage resistance rather than kinetic so this weapon can be very effective. Against unshielded enemies it loses some of its luster since any weapon can strike hit point damage directly when target is unshielded. But watching the shield bar on an enemy stay fixed at full strength while directly applying damage to the health bar is kind of cool.

I haven’t seen other weapons with the [ShPen]x4 although I have seen crafted and upgraded weapons gain a [ShPen] attribute which gains 25% penetration. For true sniping, I like the overcharged plasma rifle which is a mission reward for the Federation Romulan Mystery mission, “Empress Sela”. That has the biggest smack down of all the snipers I’ve seen by far, but only in the sniper mode, regular damage is actually a little on the weak side. This TR-116B is actually a solid gun and does a reasonable amount of damage in the primary firing mode. Remember this gun uses kinetic damage so any enemy energy resistance does not help, only kinetic resistance protects the target.

So, is it worth it? I don’t know for sure as enemies come in a variety of resistances. On Kobali there are quite a few unshielded Vaadwaur enemies. I tested this gun against my old standby Mk XIV Elachi pistol and against shielded targets it has a legit advantage. Against the unshielded however I didn’t see much advantage at all in fact that Elachi pistol was noticeably better at dispatching the baddies without shields. As a sniper weapon against a shielded target I think this thing will be the boss. It was definitely superior to the overcharged plasma sniper against a shielded target despite the plasma weapon having a 30% stronger secondary “sniper” attack and the occasional plasma burn DOT.

I would love to see this [ShPen]x4 on other weapons. Not sure that the crafting community is able to do it as these are the only such weapons I have found so equipped. I would love to have 100% shield penetration on the Cochrane Shotgun! So in short I like this gun especially as a 2nd weapon behind my Elachi Pistol.

Next week I’ll review the Sphere Builders Destroyer (escort).


2 thoughts on “100% Shield Penetration, Worth it?

    1. Best on Borg because they can’t adapt to physical damage. It does not have the [ShPen] modifier however on the ranged attacks. I’ll have to test my shotgun out on the shielded enemies to see how it plays as sometimes the descriptions in game are not accurate. On the “riflebutt” melee attack it has 50% shield pen which is less than the typical physical melee on weapons such as Swords, Bat’leths, etc. that have a generous melee shield penetration of 80%.

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