Science Guy Flies a BoP

2017-01-23_19-19-43So I have this Talaxian scientist that wanted a chance to advance quickly. He figured that the federation would be a tough nut to crack, what with all those pointy eared Vulcans running about. So he figured he’d sign up with the Klingon Defense Force. After getting his ass kicked pretty hard in the KDF training, he managed to live, and for science guys that’s good enough for the Klingons. Let’s face it, a science officer in the KDF is like a punter in the NFL. When you need them you really need them, but then the shit has already gone sideways at that point.

I have this toon loaded up with some carriers and other sciency sort of ships. There is not a whole lot for the KDF on the science front but other non faction ships are cool. I am planning on having him try the 31st Century Multi-Mission ship, but I thought I would try him out in a B’rel Retrofit first. Why not? I bought the damn thing, I may as well fly it, right? Roddicka has two of them one in fleet trim and she does real well. But what about a science officer in a BoP? Not a torpedo boat either, a real BoP setup with a science twist. So yes, this happened.

First of all Rodax of Talax is one of my newer toons and he doesn’t have all the goodies that my more established characters have. He has all 15 perks in the Strategist secondary specialization and nearly all the space perks in Intelligence specialization as primary. But he doesn’t have any really good gear, just stuff acquired fairly cheap on the exchange. That is coupled to the fact that the B’rel Retrofit T5-U has no mastery yet.

So how did my Talaxian KDF Scientist do in the Romulan Patrol Loop? Remarkably well in fact. Rodax placed his top science BOFF in the commander’s chair, his best tactical officer took the Lt. Commander seat, and lieutenants filled out the remaining two chairs an engineer and another science officer.

2017-01-23_18-57-54Despite this ship’s modest equipment and its unmastered condition, the times in the patrols were very good. The best time was a 189 second run in Japori. I’ll post updated times when the ship is fully mastered as the +10 damage bonus and crit bonuses will make a difference in times. Oh I added the Top Gun board to a permanent page so it is always available to check back on. The tab above “Top Gun” is the link or click here.

The thing about the B’rel and this science toon is the enhanced battle cloak. Most of the science BOFF “attacks” can be done while under the enhanced cloak although the ship briefly “appears” while executing the attack abilities it quickly snaps back to cloak. I found that my hard-hitting science toon was able to inflict serious shield damage on unsuspecting enemy targets and then decloak and thrash them even with the weak weapons and soft tactical BOFFs.

What was really fun was using the raider flanking. I am a terrible pilot and have trouble staying on the rear flank as the enemy changes direction. On the big ships like the Hirogen Apex, Romulan D’Deridex, etc. It is fairly easy. Rodax has very little in tactical skills. The quad cannon he has installed on this ship does a paltry base of about 800 dps and compared to Roddicka, she would get 1200+ out of that exact same weapon. Roddicka of course would pump it to Mk XIV and get base 2500 dps 😉 But it isn’t about the energy weapon dps. In all fairness Rodax is only running 50% weapon power although he has passive boosts to about 80%. He also has emergency power to weapons and weapons batteries at his disposal. Rodax gets on the six of the big enemy cruisers while under cloak and comes up behind with auxiliary power running at around 90 and the 27 science skills he is nigh undetectable. He hits the ship with very strong shield draining powers while maintaining the enhanced cloak, then decloaks and unleashes the weapons carnage. He doesn’t need a whole lot of dps as the shields are gone and the combination of intel flanking, raider flanking and the strategist damage leads this relatively weak character to a kill nearly as fast as my top tac toons.

I love being sneaky. One of my major peeves about STO is the horrific nerfing of the cloak ability. STO apparently, does not like the classic D&D rogue character. When a ship cloaks I find that all of the enemies continue to pound the ship long after the cloak is engaged and this nearly always results in the ship taking extensive damage as the shields drop immediately upon cloaking. I have even used scramble sensors and then cloaked only to find that they still target me.  Even with auxiliary power over 100 and the skill perk that doubles the aux power stealth boost, NPC enemies still defeat the “battle” cloak at least 50% of the time. Odd that I am completely undetable prior to battle but when fully cloaked during battle the enemies seem to spot the cloak half the time.

I understand that they must have a weakness for the cloak but I think the vulnerable period should be no more than 1-3 seconds. Also the ambush bonus from decloak should be shortened from 15 seconds to 8 seconds but instead of a 25% damage boost it should be 100%. I think that detecting cloak should not be passive but active and should favor science toons. I love playing the “rogue” but it is really not well supported in STO.

My meanest and most ornery KDF toon is Roddicka, who happens to be a gorgeous Orion girl, but she is by far my most accomplished KDF character. She took her monster Fleet B’rel Retrofit with the amazing Terran Task Force weapons and all Mk XIV top end gear to Japori and she had an 88 second run. The fact that a lowly Talaxian whose fleet admiral bars are still green, can take a much weaker version through in under 200 is a testament to the real potential of a science officer in a BoP. I’m thinking the kemocite laced weapons might work well as they could be enhanced by the science officer’s command of exotic damage.

I like this sci-guy in a BoP well enough that I decided to take my top feddie science toon, wait, my only science feddie toon and build her a raider as well. I’ll load up a science themed 31st century raider for her and maybe I’ll do a sci Romulan in the Faeht which also has an enhanced battle cloak like this B’rel does!

Science Guy in a BoP, yes, I did that and I kinda liked it 🙂


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