Apparently There Will be a Reckoning

1d0d9b75c92288c4b053f6f099a592721484336218Last week STO launched Season 12 “Reckoning” simultaneously with the 7th anniversary. The newest enemy is the Tzenkethi who are mentioned in Star Trek canon but there has never been much detail about them outside of semi-canon novels. Cryptic has taken some generous liberties with these new alien bad guys. Another blogger noted they look more like something from Halo than Star Trek. I do tend to agree with her sentiment there. They do resemble the Brutes in the Halo video games. So what? Covenant? Tzenkethi? It really isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. What matters is the game play and unfortunately it is a bit predictable. The story telling is not bad but the game play is not in any way novel.

I would recommend running the new featured mission at least once a week so you can get the freebie gear. My experience is that the gear is generally pretty good on these featured season launch missions. We are getting a new space set out of this deal and an additional set piece (warp core) will be equipped on the new ship. Worry not Romulans, it will also unlock a singularity version. These 3 items however earned in the mission, a new one each week, today another unlocked are bound to character and do not unlock account wide. Each character that want the complete set will have to complete at least three play throughs of the featured mission “Of Signs and Portent”.

Speaking of the ship, I saw one fan call it the “Flying Dorito”, very funny and dubiously fitting. But it is a free ship! Not everyone seems to feel the way I do about the freebie ships, but I have found them to be solid performers. There are several of these ‘grind for ship’ deals that result in ships I do not use much, but that does not mean they are not good ships. Of course it should be noted that they still serve as admiralty ships that help us earn nice rewards in that system.

Once again his royal Q-ness is having us warp about the galaxy collecting those dangerous Omega Particles to gain the Q-mendations that will lead us to the ‘Flying Dorito’. Since the ship is an account wide unlock, I use Admiral Sager for the duty of unlocking it.  He has transwarp capability to just about every possible location in the game. That makes the annoying grind of flying in sector space less grueling. To make haste of all that flying around try to use solid strategy. Once yu accept the daily mission and set it as your primary objective the three locations you need to go show up in your task window. Before just warping off to the first location, take a look at your available transwarp locations and consider the ground/space as well as any locations that require a map change like  beta to alpha quadrant. As seeming inert as this is the map changes are almost as lengthy as the space flight itself. Minimize the number of map changes a strategically determined the shortest pathway to all three with minimal map changes. For example yesterday, I was in the Deferra System when I accepted the mission. My three locations were Starfleet Academy, Starbase 39 Ground, Andoria Space. Since the Starfleet academy allows you to beam directly to sector space, it was my first choice. I transwarped to Earth, beamed down to Academy did mini-game, beamed directly to sector space just game seconds from Andoria, Traveled to Andoria using slipstream, entered, did mini-game. now My transwarp had not yet finished cool down and Starbase 39 is not that far from Andoria so I slipstreamed there and entered, beamed down finished mini-game. In all I had less than 2 minutes of travel time and only 7 total map changes. the whole exercise took all of 5 minutes to get my daily dose of Q-mendations or Vouchers whatever they call them these days 😉 It is certainly possible to have had double the travel time and an extra three map changes had I not taken a second to think through the route to all three locations and minimize the total travel and map change time.

As the title suggests there will apparently be some sort of “reckoning” as these new bad guys try to exert their evil doctrine across the galaxy. We must save the universe from yet another perilous enemy. Ho hum, just another day at the office, i suppose 😉

That’s all I have this week. Go get those vouchers and at least try out the new ship.


One thought on “Apparently There Will be a Reckoning

  1. Season 12… the ultimate Stargate rip off. The goa’uld hand device, the tzenkethi ships and how close they look like Ori ones……… What else do I have to say?

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