Super Turret Boat

I will have my new flying Dorito, I totally stole that name from a user that commented on another blog 😉 anyway later today I’ll have the ship along with the final piece of the new Braydon Recon set. I’ll write them up next week.

So a couple of years ago I wrote about a ship I built out with all turrets for energy weapons and I discussed the pros and cons of that set up. Turret Boat. But I didn’t have the same cannon badassery I have now. Since then I have added the ship trait, “withering barrage ” that extends scatter volley to 14 seconds instead of ten and I have the option of using Kemocite laced weapons as well. What if Admiral Sager were to fly one of his big Cruisers with a torpedo boat setup and a little heavier punch on tactical. Would the DPS and the ability to annihilate enemies be competitive with other layouts?

I needed more tactical seating so I chose the Assault Cruiser Refit I have sitting in the dry dock! That ship has a LC and Ensign tactical seats plus a Universal Lieutenant! So I set it up with SV1, SV2, TorpSpd1, Kemo1, Kemo2,TacTm. Unfortunately this left me with no science officer on the bridge!

The ship actually performed well as a support vessel. The ability to quickly dispatch a single target was severely curtailed by the relatively low DPS but the effect of having a constant sustained medium level of DPS was very effective at keeping multiple vessels in a consistent state of low shields. I decided to go with five turrets since they would be always firing I wanted to minimize weapon power drain. I had a torp launcher at each end and a mine launcher as well.

I ran the ship through the Top Gun Patrols without the kemocite and without the withering barrage trait and suffered through pretty terrible runs. I had tactical team in place of kemocite. When I switched to withering barrage and the two instances of kemocite I was pleasantly surprised to see more than a minute shaved off the Carraya time 5:17 and similar improvement on the other three patrols. This ship had trouble keeping the shields up, what with zero science officers, but these patrol missions are not that tough. The times may seem terrible but I had all Mk XII weapons and even some Mk XI consoles. This ship was really not that tough. The thing about the kemocite is that it only ignites 10% of the time so have those weapons always firing and always on target definitely created way more kemocite explosions. I had a console that boosts radiation damage on there so that helped make the kemocite even more damaging.patrol

What is nice about these turret boat layouts is the complete lack of effort. With a 360 degree targeting arc all the energy weapons are always on target. The only maneuvering needed is the occasion turn to line up a spread of torpedoes or to turn a weak shield facing away form an aggressive enemy.

I think that science officers could benefit from this as they can focus on the science related attacks and basically have the turrets always firing always on target and only worry about timing any science attacks accordingly

One way or another I am going to make a turret boat that can slash through either carraya or Japori in under 2 minutes. Once I get a ship with Mk XII gear under 3 minutes, I will upgrade it to Mk XIV and get that sub 120 second time in a turret boat. I am a very long ways away form that however.

I also found another omni-directional phaser beam array called the “Phaser Pulse” and that brings to three the number of 360 arc crafted beam arrays using phaser energy. You can almost make a phaser omni-beam boat. I figure a boat anchor carrier with a 3/3 weapons layout would have three omnis and a standard beam. That could be a diabolical setup as well. I will probably try it out but I don’t feel like be plundered on the exchange for the Pulse and Agony omni beams. The Omni beams are stronger than turrets but only one per ship. Since there are three different crafted omnis using phaser energy that means three can be used on the same ship and still maintain the same energy type. It is certainly possible to have 5 or 6 omnis on a ship but that would require using mixed energy types which generally is less desirable as console boosts would have to be either split or you have to use the generic beam or cannon boost consoles; the latter which have a weaker boost than a single energy console. This omni beam setup would be great on ships with limited tactical seating. I’ll have to save that for another post.




2 thoughts on “Super Turret Boat

  1. I don’t think you can mix lockbox omnidirectional beam arrays with crafted omnidirectional beam arrays of the same energy type. You can equip the story omnidirectional beams with their crafted counterparts.

    Not sure if it’s possible to equip the lockbox and the story omnidirectional beam arrays, but if so then I’ll definitely make an omnidirectional beam boat.

    1. I do believe you can they are all treated as individuals so you cannot have for example two of the ancient obelisk omnis on the same ship but you can have one ancient and one crafted. You can have multiple crafted as well with different energy types. I have tested this but I have NOT yet acquired the Pulse Phaser to test my theory of having the agony and the crafted and the pulse on same ship. I already have a ship with an agony omni and crafted phaser omni.

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