Lukewarm Lukari Likeable

lukariscishipI got my Lukari Ho’kuun Science Vessel last week and spent the last few days mastering it to tier V. The ship is actually likeable enough with a nice quick 13 dps turn rate, solid 1.42 shield modifier with the typically soft and sciency hull strength.

This ship isn’t really as exciting as other freebie ships, and it isn’t because it is a science ship but just that it seems a bit lukewarm. It’s hard to put my finger on it but I just wasn’t all that excited about it. But as I was flying it in all sorts of missions including Advanced and Standard queues of the featured Tzenkethi Front as well as the rotation of 4 Romulan Patrols of the “Top Gun Patrol Kings” I found the ship to be more than adequate in battle. Mind you I always get the freebie ships with Admiral Sager first. He of course is a tactical officer so I figured with a good as the little ship performed with him, what about in the hands of a real science officer like Rodessa. Rodessa doesn’t have the bodacious gravitas wielded by the legendary Admiral Sager, but she is all science, all day, and pretty solid overall.

In her hands the ship does not need a lot of tactical badassery as she can deal serious harm with her science skills. I do like the ship trait as it provides hull and shield buffs. This allows the science and engineering BOFFs to focus more on enemy damage and control.

2017-02-13_18-02-24One could use a canon setup as well especially if you have the withering barrage trait extended the scatter volley to 14 seconds. Here you can see the Admiral’s layout with the light duty Mk XII weapons and gear and the extra Tactical officer filling out that Lt. Universal station. Admiral Sager ran this ship with a beam array2017-02-13_18-02-38 setup and two instances of kemocite laced weapons and it was pretty dope thrashing the baddies. The ship has a little less tactical seating compared to last year’s event ship but counters that with a little more speed and quite a bit better cornering. I kind of wish this ship could swap the bridge layout with the Krenim Science Vessel.  The Krenim ship edges this one out by a nose on my ship ratings but I absolutely prefer the Lukari over last year’s ship. This Lukari ship turns well enough that it can effectively utilize dual beam banks for captains looking for a stronger forward punch.

The ship comes equipped with the Braydon Warp Core that will complete the four piece Braydon set. The other three pieces are earned during the featured mission, “Of Signs and Portents”. Unlocking the ship also unlocks a singularity core for Romulan players so the 4 piece set can be used on Romulan ships as well. The set seems to work well and offers a lot of passive buffs, which I tend to favor over active abilities. Cryptic has a tendency to ‘ruin the ride’ with active abilities often nerfing them.

This is a versatile science ship that should have a broad range of appeal from the hard-core science captain to the more tac/sci captains that like to go a little Kirkish in battle. The ship is better than average but not nearly as spectacular as the new Breen ship we got during the Winter Event. That said it was pretty easy to acquire so why not?

Those of you looking for a pay-2-play science ship for all factions that is even better than these two anniversary models, look no further than the Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel which will wipe the floor with the other two. Of course the temporal ship will set you back 3000 Zen.

I can’t overstate that once again Cryptic has provided a freebie ship that is pretty decent all around. I actually have fun flying this triangular alien ship.  Below you will find the charts comparing the three ships discussed in this post.



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