Grinding is for Coffee Damn’it

I am bringing back an old poll just for fun. This poll was fairly dated so I added some newer freebie ships to the list. They will be disproportionately represented so vote them up if you like them. I also reset the voter log, so people who previously voted will be able to vote again.

Tuesday I was convinced Cryptic cranked up the difficulty on the advanced queue for Tzenkethi Front? I ran that thing four times in four different PUGs on Tuesday, and all four times the group was unable to finish the mission. It seemed like I wasn’t doing as much damage as I normally do either. I’ll admit that the advanced queue was fairly easy for the first few weeks, but suddenly the thing appeared to be unwinnable. It is bullshit to have to run it four or five times to succeed especially when there are so few ways to earn the stupid protomatter containers needed for the reputation projects and the lack of players in the queues adds long wait times to even get in.

I played the queue again on Wednesday and either got in a PUG with DPS Gods that knew how to run that mission, or Tuesday was a complete anomaly and this whole bitch session on grinding is for not. We crushed that thing yesterday! That still doesn’t negate the whole issue of the ‘daily grind’ in the MMO-verse. I think I might extend the rant to a generalization, just for fun 😉

This seems to be a theme with STO (and other MMOs), it is truly annoying. I have mentioned this before; they either need to offer the protomatter containers (or other rep system items) in the standard queue or keep the advanced queue at medium difficulty. They have the elite versions for the truly hardcore, masochistic players that love watching their own warp core explode. That is not me, I just want to be able to participate in reputation projects. I don’t think I am alone among gamers wanting to complete projects without having to face an indomitable enemy. I do think there are many players that want the most difficult challenge possible and for them, Cryptic offers the elite versions of the missions. I rarely play on elite, in fact about the only time is when I want to test a a ship I really think is tough. Elite mode is a good way to determine whether you have a solid build or not.

There is more than enough grinding required just to get the thousands and thousands of reputation marks needed to complete the projects; they don’t have to salt the frickin’ wound by making the other rep items so elusive. My God, they make us put up marks and then they force us to spit out a bunch of energy credits and dilithium as well. Is there a college course entitled, MMO Sadistic Grinding 101? Is there an alternate universe version of Donald Trump that wrote a book called, “The Art of the Grind?” Maybe he came to our universe and changed his name to avoid confusion with the real estate mogul turned President in our universe. Maybe he renamed himself, Ronald Grump!

Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with highly educated idiots. The vast majority of them are in politics, but some may have found their way into game development. When queue times for the very latest reputation system are dreadfully long, that is not likely an indication that the players would like some additional torture in the form of even more grinding. Yet that is what the game boffins seem to think. Over and over again they add to the grind. Do they really think that any significant number of players are out there thinking, “I really wish this game were more of a daily grind.” or “My life is too easy and comfortable; I want to come home from work and just play a game that feels like it’s peeling off my fingernails with a pair of pliers.” Do they think that way? It makes me wonder sometimes, it really does. Someone needs to remind the team at Cryptic that grinding is good for coffee not so much for gaming.

OK, on a warm and fuzzy note; what kind of ship should Cryptic offer for the Summer Event on Risa this year? I know it’s only March, but summer will arrive soon and the Risa event has had a variety of ships across multiple alien races. The winter event has focused on Breen ships, which makes sense when you think about it. What better than a race of frozen bad guys to represent for a winter festival? Of course when they run out of Breen ships they can add the Andorians to the mix, it seems we’re good to go for many years on frosty themed ships.

The summer event has produced two ships from the Risians. The speedy escort, Corvette, and the Decadent Luxury Cruiser. Then they gave us a Ferengi destroyer. Last year we got the Vorgon escort. I suppose a carrier or dreadnought may be in order as neither of those classes have yet to appear on Risa. Science ships have been offered in the last two anniversary events so that’s covered. Maybe a Tzenkethi ship? What kind of ship do you think we should see on Risa this summer?


One thought on “Grinding is for Coffee Damn’it

  1. I really hope the summer event ship is the Vorgon battleship. As soon as I saw them in the story missions, I knew I had to have one. But if the winter event is anything to go by, we’ll probably get the uglier cruiser this year and the battleship next summer.

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