All Time Favorite Fun Ship List

I had to do it eventually, right? I decided that I had to come up with a favorite ship list. This is not really a clinical evaluation but rather a personal list of ships I just love to fly! A ship doesn’t actually have to be a performance leader to be a favorite. There are some ships that are not really widely accepted as “great” but just fit my style of play. In some cases they are just fun to fly. A few of these are ships I don’t own yet, but I am jonesing for them.

I guess I have to split the ships by category, right? here is my top three in each category, remember this is completely subjective and has more to do with fun stuff than actual in game performance.

  1. B’rel Retrofit T5-U or T6 – KDF only
  2. Temporal Raider T6 – Multi-faction
  3. Herald Baltim Raider T6 – Multi-faction

Even though I rated the Temporal Raider as the best raider in the game, remember that post? I still have more fun flying the original Raider, the Klingon B’rel Bird of Prey. Of course I am referring to the retrofit, not the Tier 1 ship. There is just something diabolical about flying a Klingon raider. If you enjoy the role-playing side of an MMO, what better role than that of a sneaky warrior, decloaking and striking fear to the core of the enemy. Of course the enhanced battle cloak can be fun too. For those that like a whole lot of crawl up the enemies tail and unleash the trainload of raider flanking hate, the Baltim with those 5 forward weapons is tough to beat. The fun stops fast in the Herald ship when your enemy lines up to give you an enema. With just one weapon aft, you are crazy weak on your six. I’ll have to award an Honorable Mention to the KDF Pilot Raider.I don’t own it yet, but I think I might really like that ship when I finally get ’round to buying it.

Escorts / Raptors:
  1. Andorian Kumari T5-U FED only
  2. Patrol Escort Refit T5-U FED only
  3. Pilot Escorts T6 ROM, KDF, FED

I just love the Kumari. I have the all tactical “glass cannon” version. This was the first ship in the game to feature five weapons up front and there is so much to hate about the ship when you look at it through the lens of a clinical exam of specs. But the ship is just so damn fun. Those wing cannons are still one of, if not the most, powerful weapons in the game. The ship looks really cool too. The Patrol Escort Refit is fun to fly largely because of its ridiculously strong ‘fused’ aft weapon, the “Tempest Tailgun” The ship really should use phaser weapons to match the tailgun. The Nadion Saturation bomb console is delicious. I like the pilot ships, the ability to make those quick, evasive and defensive pilot moves is just too much fun. The Romulan ships get the battle cloak which is awesome, those are probably the best of the three factions for pilot escort ships. Of course another Honorable Mentions are in order for the spectacular Jem’Hadar Strike ship and its T5 cousin the Attack Ship. I don’t own one but I want one. And the deviously spectacular Romulan Faeht of which I have two examples, with escort stats and an enhanced battle cloak is truly diabolical.

Science Vessels:
  1. Advanced Dyson Destroyers T5-U ROM, KDF, FED
  2. Lukari Ho’kuun T6 Multi-faction
  3. Temporal Multi-Mission T6 Multi-faction

It’s hard to beat the Dysons for science fun. There is something really special about sitting in orbit of a gas giant taking samples of liquid hydrogen and suddenly being attacked by some Jackass Hirogens … and…not being worried. Change to tactical mode and now you have an escort, faster turning, extra commander tac ability and +15 to weps. Read about Dysons here. There is that lovable little triangle ship. How did that happen? I really don’t know actually. I flew it till it was maxed on mastery and then wanted to keep flying it. The ship handles, it has decent BOFF seating. It was just a fun ship. And it is kind of cool looking in an awkward, trigonometry fetish, sort of way. The Temporal multi-mission is just a solid ship that works well with any career path. Honorable Mention has to go to the Vulcan D’Kyr Science Vessel just because Vulcans are so very sciency indeed.


  1. D’Deridex T5-U or T6 ROM only
  2. Risian Luxury Cruiser T5-U Multi-faction
  3. Flagship Crusiers Bortas’qu and Odyssey T5 or T6 KDF, FED

OK, if you have to ask why I like the D’Deridex the best for a cruiser, well, you may never understand. Just look at it. That is a menacing ship, you never have to fire a shot. The enemy just quivers with fear at the sight of a D’deridex decloaking. Did you not ever watch TNG! So very delicious were those D’deridex ships and their treacherous commanders. Oh and they have a battle cloak! Too much fun. I know many of you are laughing your asses off at the number two choice. Hey it’s a fun ship. It has all kinds of custom configurations and wild color schemes. In between battles you can relax next to the pool and stare at the hot babes. Oh and it’s actually pretty good in a fight. Battlecruiser cornering with straight cruiser strength. The Risians did good. Of course we can’t ignore the official STO faction flag ships for the KDF and Federation now, can we? The KDF ship is quite intimidating to look at. Honorable Mention to the Kobali Samsar,  for that sexy Art Deco design. If a ship could get you feeling in the mood, (that’s not creepy and twisted now is it?) but if it could, the Samsar would be the Viagra of ships.

Battle Cruisers:
  1. Avenger / Mogh T5-U or T6 FED and KDF
  2. Qib Intel T6 KDF only
  3. Aelahl Light Warbird T6 ROM only

For some strange reason I don’t like the Mogh as much as the Avenger. Seems weird since they are similar with the exception of the KDF vs FED angle. Admiral Sager uses his Avenger as the goto-vessel when the enemy is uncertain. It is not the biggest hitter, but it is both a high DPS smash mouth animal and a major tank. The KDF Qib and the Rommy Aelehl both feature battle cloaks and that can be a lot of fun.Honorable Mentions to The D’Kora which is just so damn Ferengi. Onboard Trader, Dabo, Bank, and Exchange. It is a pretty solid performer too. The Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser which I don’t own, but I really want one 🙂

  1. Breen Sarr Theln T6 Multi-faction
  2. Jem’Hadar Dreadnought Carrier T5-U Multi-faction
  3. Kar’Fi Battle Carrier T5-U KDF only

I do not fly carriers much but after receiving the Sarr Theln I loved it so much I made it the defacto official ship for my KDF science officer. It turns well, tanks well and looks menacing. I do not own the Jem’Hadar dread carrier, but I want one. I know I will have fun with it just from watching others fly it in PVE missions. The Kar’Fi is actually a weak ship in my opinion, but I do like flying it. I love the fiery pets and the sinister look. The Kar’Fi is agile and fast with a destroyer feel. That makes it fun to fly, it is not however much of a fighter in tougher missions.

  1. Dreadnought Warbirds T5-U or T6 ROM only
  2. Temporal Dreadnought T6 Multi-faction
  3. Breen Rezreth T6 Multi-faction

The only Dread I truly love to fly is the Scimitar and Falcion Romulan Dreads. I love those ships! The Falcion is my favorite since it has a little more staying power. The Temporal Dread is a very capable ship. This ship has a battle cruiser-like turn rate that gives it a sports car handling and allows for the use of narrow 90 arc DBB if you want.  I do enjoy the Breen Rezreth. It is a tough ship with a great evil look and good enough to be the default ship for one of my Fed engineers until the Temporal came out.

Destroyers / Hybrid Ships:
  1. Breen Chel Grett / Boalg T5-U or T6 Multi-faction
  2. Veteran Reward Destroyers T5-U or T6 KDF, ROM, FED
  3. Ferengi Nandi T6 Multi-faction

The Breen Chel series is still the bomb. The new Boalg delivers the goods as a solid destroyer that can put down the pain and stick out the longer battle. I absolutely love these ships and I always have. The Veteran Reward Ships are still solid and offer a great cruiser/escort mix to the performance. The Nandi, like it’s elderly cousin, the D’Kora is loaded with all that delicious Ferengi stuff inside, Dabo, Trader, Exchange, and Bank. This one however has the destroyer type layout that is fast and quick on the corner. Oh and it’s still the only ship I’ve seen with 6 BOFF stations.

So there you have it; a list of favs surely destined to change as time marches on. I’ll be back next week. Meanwhile post your favorite ship in the comments, not necessarily the toughest or meanest, but your favorite, after all, it is a GAME, it is supposed to be FUN 🙂



3 thoughts on “All Time Favorite Fun Ship List

  1. Obviously everyone will have their own favorites, but I think overall you have a good list there. I’d just reference the top picks in a couple of categories:

    * Science Vessels — I love Heidy’s Nautilus! It’s kinda unsightly, but in terms of gameplay it is much more fun than most Sci ships because of the additional things you can do (such as monitoring the Molecular Reconstruction Beam/setting, managing the Temporal abilities along with your more typical Science ones). But I do admit that I don’t own the Dyson ships so they’re not in the race on my list.

    * Battlecruisers — Two of my toons fly the Avenger/Mogh as their primary ships, which is a testament to their effectiveness, but I don’t find them “fun” at all. I fly them because they are high-performers, but otherwise I find them quite boring to use. Can’t tell you why!

    * Overall — My overall top pick is the B’rel/Kor BOP! Between its crazy turning ability, Enhanced battle cloak, and canonical good looks, this is the one STO ship that I could fly around all day. Pretty crazy huh?

  2. Toss up between the Voth Bulwark and Kelvin Intel dreadnoughts! My honorable mention would have to be the Xindi-Aquatic carrier!

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