Lukari and Braydon Sets

Cryptic has announced a whole bunch of space combat changes to level the playing field. I smell a nerf coming, but it seems like they intend to make it so there are real reasons to try different setups and different weapons rather than the standard line belched out by the DPS masters. We’ll just have to see. I remain cautiously optimistic.

So I finally completed the Lukari reputation to Tier V and I have all the space goodies projects complete. I already yacked about the ordnance set but today I want to opine on the Lukari 4 piece space set and the Braydon set which is a freebie obtained by running the mission, “Of Signs and Portence”.

I have been using the Braydon Set on the Lukari ship since the anniversary event and recently switched it out for the new Lukari Set. Now I have the Braydon Set installed on the Admiral’s 31st Century Multi-Mission Science ship. I have far more seat time with the Braydon set so I will start there.

This set consists of three items obtained by completing the aforementioned mission, “Of Signs and Portence” and a fourth that comes installed on the Lukari ship given away during the 7th Anniversary event. You can still get these items by simply running the mission three times and choosing a different piece of the set each time. It is not a terrible mission and takes maybe 30-45 minutes depending on your toon. If you unlocked the Lukari Ho’kuun you had the Warp Core already installed on the ship and Romulan toons on the account can receive a Braydon Singularity Core allowing full use of the Braydon set on a Romulan ship.

The shield is a covariant model with unusually high regeneration for a high-capacity shield. This shield works well on big clumsy cruisers and dreadnoughts with the additional perk of offering a 200% boost in speed and turn rate whenever a shield facing is depleted. The obligatory 45-60 seconds minimum activation cycle is present.

I have always believed that Cryptic made the differences between the Cruiser and Escort too minimal. Cruisers should have 50% more hull than they do now and DHC should do 50-100% more damage than they do now. Escorts and raiders should have a large advantage in defense and cruisers should have a little more damage resistance built-in. Just saying.

Back to the Braydon shield, I like this shield on a Cruiser or Dread with sluggish turn rate. It could also serve well on a heavily tactical escort like the Kumari which has that whole ‘glass cannon’ problem, having the high covariant capacity coupled with that nice regen speed, suits a fragile attack ship.

The deflector is a very sciency one indeed offering generous control boost and also solid boost to drain and shield cap. Not much to say really about the deflector, there is no special ability or abnormal passive here.

The Braydon impulse engine is of the Hyper variety, which I rarely benefit from personally. I tend to run engine power as low as possible with most of my characters. Hyper-Impulse engines are extra efficient when power levels are high. This contrasts with Combat-Impulse engines that are more efficient at low power levels. What this basically means is that a standard impulse engine has a linear speed curve. The more power applied to the engines the faster the ship is and it is equally proportional. A combat impulse engine will be faster than a standard impulse engine when power levels are lower than 50% and conversly they will be slower when power is above 50%. The lower the power level to the combat engine the larger the difference between it and a standard impulse engine at the same power level.

Hyper impulse is the opposite. These are the fastest engines available but they are dreadfully slow when power levels are low. Look a rhyme, I’m feeling a limerick coming on…

There once was a ship with a hyper, that moved like a loaded diaper, at first the captain did cower, but then he added some power, now he moves faster than a viper.

I truly digress 😉 This is an engine for the guy that wants ultimate speed at any cost. I use this type engine on my torpedo boats that have weapon power at minimum and engines maxed. An already fast ship like an escort, will run away from just about any enemy with this type of engine and a full load of power. Which is better than a full load in the diaper, right?

The Braydon cores are not all that spectacular but they do complete the four piece set and add an additional set power. The core is an overcharged core. Which is beneficial to a science setup.

The set bonuses look good. I like passives as my experience with Cryptic is simply that active powers often have too long a cooldown and/or they are nerfed to the point of being useless. Passives are always on, always boosting. This set has mostly passive set powers 🙂 The science theme continues with a boost to auxiliary power and a bonus boost (effective when level is low). Engine power boost that compliments the hyper-impulse engine. The Micropulse Overcharge ability is decent.

Overall the Braydon set is pretty good. It is so easy to get and requires no expense aside from running a mission three times. Even if you failed to get the free ship last month, the three-piece set is pretty solid. Ideal for use on a science ship.

The Lukari set requires all that reputation grinding and a fat load of dilithium. Is it worth it? That is a bit of a loaded question. Let’s see if I can answer it. The Lukari set is also a four piece set. You will need Tier V reputation and a total of 3000 Lukari Marks to purchase all four pieces. 32,500 dilithium is needed for each of the four pieces as well as the usual dose of EC and Expertise.

Once again, I’ll start with the shield. This is a weird shield. It is labeled as a regenerative unit. But it has effectively a covariant capacity and a sluggish regeneration rate atypical of the class. The shield however does provide a passive regeneration of allies shields within 2.5km and boosted to 5km with set bonus. As a direct comparison, Admiral Sager gets a base (looking at shield while standing inside space dock, not in space) 8800 shield points with this shield and a regen rate of 267, A standard Mk XII regenerative shield in purple quality with no boost to cap or reg, yields 7000 capacity and 486 regen. A capx3 regen shield yields 9100 points. The bottom line is that this shield is NOT a regenerative model. Honestly it is more like a Covariant. I am missing something here. It does offer a flat 10% reduction in all energy damage to shield and an additional 20% reduction for tetryon damage. I suppose the team regen is nice, but this is a crappy shield, seriously, it’s junk. Unless I am missing something, which I fully acknowledge, is a definitive possibility, the shield just sucks.

The deflector adds serious boost shield restoration and with the shields lethargic regen rate you’ll need this. Oddly this deflector aids in tanking more than tradition science but it is a decent animal none the less.

The impulse engine is of the combat variety. This is my preferred method of impulsing around. This engine has a similar passive to the Braydon shield but is tied to the hull. When the hull drops 25% the flight speed and turn rate are amped up 200% and additional hull regen happens. This is another tanking bonus. The impulse engines also offer a passive damage resistance against kinetic damage. this is an unusual passive for an engine and again feeds the tanking narrative this set seems to endorse.

I am not sure but it seems that the gang at Cryptic wanted to create something outside the box with this set. I get that, since they have so many reputation and mission reward sets, why not make it more unique? I have been running PVE missions on the Lukari science ship with Admiral Sager, who is a tactical officer, not a science officer. The set seems to perform fine, I did notice that the shield regen was awful, even by covariant standards and for a regenerative model absolute garbage. I think the shield is simply mismarked.

Both the warp core and singularity core are decent and again focus on tanking with a hull restoration bonus. The special point jump ability teleports you directly in front of the targeted enemy and that works well for Admiral Sager who utilizes the trait “Standoff” which adds strong weapons bonuses on frontal assaults. The jump ability is further enhanced with the set powers. Overall I am a bit lukewarm about this set. I kind of feel like the Braydon set is better and it required far less grinding and was essentially FREE! I still think I am missing something and more flying time with the set make reveal some insight. Any readers that know something I missed here, by all means tell us in the comments.

The boost on the shield restoration to allies is nice, but I think it should default to 5km and boost to 10km. In the real world most team environment missions will not allow for a lot of 2.5 km kumbaya sessions.

The set bonuses here are boring and the Lukari set just kind of sucks considering the effort and expense to obtain. It sucks bad enough that I can’t shake this feeling I am missing something HUGE! Until I grab hold of the cloaked reality of this set and have my epiphany moment, I can’t really recommend the Lukari Restoration Initiative Starship Technologies space set. So answering the question is it worth it? No, no it is not. Wow, it wins the long ass name award at least.


2 thoughts on “Lukari and Braydon Sets

  1. I’m not sure if this information would cause the ‘epiphany’ moment you refer to, but this set may be a hidden gem in the future. Cryptic, with their upcoming balance changes, may make healing a viable option. Additionally, I’ve been coming up with a ‘Quantum Manipulator’ specialization which provides immeasurable buffs to healing abilities. So, in the future, this set may be worth it.

    Additionally, the warp core is a Reinforced type, providing buffs to both Shield and Auxiliary power. Before, you could only get cores of this type through the Fleet stores. That alone is worth the ticket price in my opinion, I love that type of core.

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