The Omni-Boat, Nope!

OK I mentioned this a while back. I threatened to do it. Cross that line and I’ll build an Omni-Boat, I swear I will…. OK that does it, I’m building an Omni-Boat. Why would I do such a thing? Because I can, damn it 😉 Actually, wait a minute… no I can’t.

A couple of things to note, I am pretty sure it WAS possible to put eight omni-directional beam arrays on your ship. The Omni-Directional beam arrays all state that only one per ship can be used, but this is not exactly the case. There are twelve omni-beam array energy weapons in the game plus the Borg kinetic energy omni from the Omega Reputation system. Six of the beams are player crafted. These cannot be mixed and matched at all. Only one crafted omni-beam array per ship. That’s always been the case. But that leaves the other seven omnis as available and I have mix and matched the lockbox and mission reward omnis successfully with crafted omnis in the past. I am also pretty sure I mixed two different mission reward omnis once before as well.

The problem is that to do an omni-boat, you would have to use a “rainbow” beam array setup on the ship. “Rainbow” refers to the multiple color display you get when firing all of the different energy types, but more importantly it means that you cannot use the more powerful single energy type consoles effectively. The less powerful broader beam enhancement consoles need to be used. The comparison between them is fairly stark. A Mk XII very rare (purple) phaser energy relay (or other single energy type) console will add a 30% boost to phaser energy weapons. The ‘Directed Energy Distribution Manifold’ will add a 20% boost to all beam arrays dealing energy damage of any type. This would not work on the aforementioned ‘Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam’.

I have done turret boats before and they are kind of weak. Primarily two things cause a turret boat to suck. First turrets in general, are kind of weak on dps and dpv. Second, the type of ship most suited to a turret boat probably only has a single tactical BOFF and it’s probably a lieutenant seat. You can’t get any real scatter volley action there. But omni-beams actually remedy both those conditions. Omni-beams are just as strong as regular beams which are already hitting with 110% MORE dpv than a turret and overall hitting with 33% MORE dps. They are using beam BOFF abilities which can utilize ensign level tactical BOFF stations.

This is all rendered moot now as I attempted to build the unicorn omni-boat and… well you guessed it, I got the dreaded red box when attempting to drag the second mission reward omni. There I was, all ready to write-up the omni-boat post like a STO rock star. It was gonna be awesome. Sometimes a good dream has to die. So as it turns out I was unable to fulfill the omni-boat experiment. I think it would have been a beast and that’s why Cryptic doesn’t like it. Powerful is bad after all, right?  😉

The best I can manage is a triple omni setup using a crafted omni-beam, a mission reward omni-beam, and the Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam from the Omega Reputation. So that’s gonna be a half omni-boat methinks.

Well after plodding through the Admiral’s impressive list of active ships, I chose his Krenim Science Vessel as the test rodent for this experiment. I wrote about the ship shortly after the Admiral acquired it last year.  Now I briefly thought about loading up the new Caitian Escort with these three omnis aft to compliment the omni directional heavy weapon on that ship. That would be four omnis. But then I would probably have to load some dual beam banks up front and loading beams on escorts just rubs me the wrong way. Not that I haven’t done it mind you 😉

That decided the Krenim ship needed little change to soak up the new aft omni setup. It already had the Chronometric Omni (part of a mission reward set) and a crafted Polaron omni. I just dumped the Thoron Infused Quantum Torpedo Launcher and loaded up the Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam in its place. I talked this ship up last year as a solid science vessel so I’ll spare you the repeat. The omni-beams aft are a great way to pad the punch on a beam equipped ship. This ship hits better with the Kin beam replacing the torpedoes because it does more dps with out BOFF buffs and hits on a 360 arc. It is always delivering a nice bit of kinetic damage whittling away at the hull every time a shield facing drops.

Despite the epic fail on the omni-boat build, I made some observations. Prepping for this article gave me another idea (that Cryptic will ignore) about how they could change the system to create a better divide between the different ship classes. Rather than a wholesale change in hull rating and offensive capability that I have mentioned numerous times in the past, Cryptic could just change the dynamic of the console buffs. Right now when you add a console that gives you +30% damage to phaser weapons that buff is applied only to the base power level. For example your captain may be putting out 1500 dps on a Mk XII dual beam bank when he is in battle but the base damage of that dual beam bank is probably only 240 dps. The rest of the damage output is coming from the level of available weapon power, captain’s buffs and other buffs to damage. If I add a +30% console, it will not add 30% to the buffed weapon level but rather it adds 30% of the base damage. So my 1500 dps doesn’t become 2050 dps it only goes up 72 points to 1572 dps. Typically escorts have 4-5 tactical consoles and cruisers have 1-3. Boosting the final damage would give a tactical weapons advantage to the escorts. Likewise cruisers typically have 4-5 engineering consoles and if a similar treatment were given on damage resistance and hull boost consoles, cruisers could enjoy hull and damage resistance that is much better than and escort. Just sayin’.

I always thought it was kind of silly to have a hull rating on a small ship like the defiant boosted up to 75k against 110k hull on a giant ship with over 4000 crew. Really, that gigantic ship can only take 35% more of a beating? Silly?

OK back to this little half-omni boat experiment. The Krenim ship was able to improve its times in the Japori and Carraya patrol missions by an aggregate of nearly 10% from last year’s runs to this aft-omni setup. Over all the ship fared well among my ships equipped with Mark XII gear and the results are posted on the Top Gun chart.

Tuesday Season 13 launches and the world will see if Cryptic laid the proverbial egg with the revisions they said were coming, or if they actually succeed in making the various weapons and ships “usable”. They claim they are making it so that there is no one clear way to play and one clear choice for ships style, weapons, etc. We shall see on Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “The Omni-Boat, Nope!

  1. Yeah, having 8 omni’s would make regular beam arrays and turrets irrelevant, hence the limitation of one mission reward omni and one crafted omni per ship regardless of type (I think lockbox omnis count as crafted).

    Damage buffs fall into two categories ( and because of the way damage is calculated (, damage buffs don’t directly stack and is rather annoying to calculate.

    As for the upcoming “freedom” to play how I want, I’m still waiting on the viability of a stealth bomber/minelayer

  2. You could never mix them fully, all the crafted conflict each other. The Ancient AP omni seems to be a turret with a beam skin, so it sidesteps the rule. I think a couple of the lockbox omnis also side step it.

    1. Actually any crafted omni-beam can be matched up with any one of the mission-reward / lockbox omni-beams and all can be mixed with the Borg cutting beam, I did test that 🙂 It seems that the crafted omni beams are a “class” and the reward omni-beams are another class within which only one of each can be used at a time and the Borg cutting beam is in neither of those classes.

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