Top Gun Challenge: Runnin’ Patrols in a FAW Boat

I decided to load up one of the Admiral’s big cruisers loaded for a DPS beam boat with multiple FAW and take a whack at the Top Gun Patrol Kings list. The admiral is of course a tactical officer and that is a benefit when trying to play a patrol mission. The enemies are not strong enough to take down the ship so the tanking aspect is unnecessary. What counts is dispatching enemies quickly and efficiently.

The Admiral decided to fly the USS Lewis and Clark, a Tactical Odyssey Cruiser with which he has loaded to the gills with Mk XIV gear and some pretty snazzy stuff. It was loaded with Romulan plasma beams and the complete Romulan weapons set. The ship is equipped with the Reman space set as well. The Romulan Hyper Plasma launcher is fore and aft is an Omega launcher.

It was interesting to see the ship perform in the different Patrols. Fire at Will works really well on small pets, and drones but is less effective against individual targets since it randomly targets enemies. Comparing it to Be’ina Falchion Dreadnought shows the ship was relatively weak. Be’ina is an engineer and she is not as experienced as Admiral Sager. Her dread runs a very similar setup although she has single cannons up front rather than beams. The Admiral was better in Japori and Beta Thoridor where annoying little buzzy bees are everywhere. FAW dispatches them quickly. Oddly he was better in Carraya as well. Where Be’ina crushed it was the Hirogens in Narenda. She ripped an insane 111 second time against the Admirals pokey pace of nearly three minutes, but I don’t think she would ever duplicate that time. I think it was like the Kumari 58 second Japori run, a one-off miracle.

The aggregate average of 153.50 seconds is pretty weak sauce especially when compared to the Admiral’s efforts in the Fleet Avenger at 103.50. In all fairness the USS Battle Ground is a pretty sinister ship.

Beam overload is a better ability for individual targets but it has a glaring flaw I have mentioned before. It is a one-off shot so if it misses you get a big fat zero. It used to crit automatically and they nerfed that so I think a lot of beam users like to stick with FAW. The DPSers definitely seem to gravitate toward fire at will. As I have mentioned in the past as well, random targeting wastes a lot of hits on shielded targets and makes it difficult to concentrate on one or a small group of enemies.

The Admiral had the ship setup with a tactical officer in the universal Lt. Commander seat. There was no shortage of tactical BOFF abilities. The ship did spend a fair amount of time out of range. The big clumsy ship doesn’t turn well and that caused some problems that I believe added at least 10-15 seconds to the aggregate average time. A strategy adjustment could cure that. I have a tendency to fly at full throttle and this ship may have been better suited to cruise around at a more leisurely pace to keep the ship from getting too far away from the next bath of enemies that warp in.

I could have employed the park and shoot method, but on these Patrols you always have a group of Romulan T’liss Warbirds aiding in the fight and they can sometimes draw the fight out of range. Big and clumsy is a problem when trying to wipe out five waves of enemies in less than 120 seconds.

I am going to have to work on my beam boat play style because I kind of suck ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I believe that wiping out multitudes of enemies in a short amount of time is best done with an agile ship, single cannons and a continuous load of scatter volley.



2 thoughts on “Top Gun Challenge: Runnin’ Patrols in a FAW Boat

  1. My main flies a Tactical Pilot Warbird with scatter volley x2 with trait, turrets aft, torpedoes, and DHC’s fore, but I keep one beam array (Romulan Experimental) and FAW1 just to take out tholian webs, and because that beam doesn’t drain energy.

    Looking forward to some analysis of the heavy weapons. I honestly don’t know if they are even worth equipping, is their damage worth the power drain? And the free one just looks so annoyingly oversized.

    1. The lightning bolt one is stupid as it does multiple enemy damage but only in a straight line, as if all the enemies will just line up in a nice neat row for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

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