Ready for Risa? And other Stuff…

Summer is upon us once again. Well, those of us north of the equator at least. Summertime in the STO-verse mean another trip to Risa for a free ship and all kinds of grindy fun activities ๐Ÿ˜‰ The gang at Cryptic has announced new stuff for this year’s summer extravaganza including a biathlon event combining the “floater” (jetpack) and the “power board”ย (surfing) events.

The ship for this year’s event is another Vorgon model and they have given us a carrier type vessel to earn. These event ships are easy to get with minimal grinding. A simple 10 minute, once daily exercise over 25 days will earn the ship. These are generally solid performing vessels. I am not a big fan of carrier ships, but many players are, so this could be a golden opportunity for those of you that love flying with pets. Last year’s Vorgon Escort was a winner, I wrote pretty glowy review here.ย These freebie event ships are worth the effort. Plus remember, even if you hate the ship, your still get to use it in your admiralty system. I’ll certainly be getting one of these as well and STO offers you plenty of time to get the ship even if you go on vacation you will still have time.

So just one more week and the fun in the sun on Risa begins.

Cryptic recently added a new “lottery” reward ship. It is the Smuggler’s Heavy Escort and is available via the Research and Development packs for a limited time. It has a standard cloak but also some pretty decent stats. The ship is a little slow with that .20 impulse modifier which you’d think would detrimental for a smuggler that may need to run away from authorities. Just sayin’ in that other universe Han Solo was a smuggler and the Millennium Falcon made the ‘Kessel Run’ in 12 parsecs.

That’s OK this ship is well armed for a frontal assault with +15 to weapons and five across the fore. It is also more resilient than most escort type ships featuring a very sciency 1.35 shield modifier and destroyer like hull rating of 46k at level 60.

I can’t find any on the exchange so either the game is stingy on the payout odds, or the people winning them want to keep them for themselves. Either way, I don’t have one, yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I decided to try out the Kentari Missile weapon. That is the “torpedo” you can get for completing the latest featured Lukari mission “smoke and mirrors”. The DPS on the thing is weak despite the fast 2.5 second recharge. But I don’t think the lingering radiation damage is taken into account on that DPS number.

Only Admiral Sager has one so far, he is tactical but I am pretty sure this would be a good weapon for science officers that have strong exotic damage buffs as the game still treats radiation as exotic damage. I tend to use torpedo spread but this weapon gains a valuable buff when using high yield, the 10% chance for a 60% turn rate buff is guaranteed when using HY.

The weapon launches three small projectiles with each firing and the same three will fire at multiple targets when using spread. I did not test it on HY. I am going to have Rodessa (science Fed) get one and try it out.

Unfortunately the jury is still out on the effectiveness of this Kentari contraption as lingering radiation damage is difficult to gauge. I continue to pummel the ship with other weapons and so whether the radiation got them of the rest of my assault is always tough to figure.

FYI: still seeing T5 D’kora ships on the exchange for around 50 million EC. This is a fun ship and it has on board dabo, trader, exchange, and bank. It fights a bit like a battle cruiser and is upgradeable to T5-U. If you didn’t get the free Ferengi Nandi two summers ago, this D’kora is a solid bet at 50M. I am also seeing Tholian Orb Weaver science ships well under 50M. This is not as good a ship as the D’kora but you do get the Thermionic Torpedo Launcher which is kinda of cool.

As a general note when shopping for ships on the exchange, first you can select the “reward box” tab then type “special req” in the search window. This will bring up ships and occasionally a BOFF, but mostly boxed ships. Beware of overpriced ships. I see Mirror Universe ships listed for over 200M when the exact same ship is listed multiple times for a tiny fraction of that under 5M. There isn’t any special versions of the Mirror Ships this is just someone hoping to catch someone unaware and make a butt load of cash. Speaking of Mirror Ships, they tend to be a bit sucky, but they are dirt cheap and can be a fun way to have a science toon fly a cruiser or escort, or some other odd config you don’t want to spend real hard cash testing.

That’s all I got this week. Still testing the new “heavy weapons” and will have a couple of head2head posts in the next several weeks. Get ready for hot bikini babes, warm sand and another free ship on Risa.


3 thoughts on “Ready for Risa? And other Stuff…

  1. Oh let me make a few notes about that Kentari missile launcher, since I did some research on this before adding it to my SciTorp ship…

    …on the down side, this thing doesn’t do massive DPS compared to other specialty torpedoes. Also, I don’t think the radiation damage is boosted by EPG, but don’t quote me on that.

    But this thing has three advantages:

    (1) Its short reload time of 2.5s on a torpedo boat means you can minimize “dead space” in your firing sequence using other torpedoes. In addition, the more frequent attacks increase the chances of PWO procs, potentially shortening the CD of your primary torpedoes.

    (2) Likewise, the 180 deg targeting arc means you can maintain fire while out of the normal torpedo 90 deg arc (Wide-Angle Torps notwithstanding), which also increases chances for PWO procs.

    (3) If you have the 3-pc Terran bonus: Secondary Torpedo Launcher, it launches an additional photon torpedo with each missile swarm. This can potentially increase the DPS of this launcher by a significant margin!

    So in short this isn’t an item I would recommend using on any traditional ship build, but I think it can be very useful on a torpedo boat.

    1. Radiation used to be treated as exotic, but they may have nerfed that long ago. They like nerfing stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes I did notice the 180 arc on that launcher.

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