Empty Queues and Long Waits

What the hell Cryptic? Is it just me or did the PVE queues slow to the speed of snail on barbiturates? Ever since they revamped the system to better “match” players for PVE it takes several minutes often well into double digits to actually get a match started.

My ability to get five of my closest STO friends together at the same time to run a team PVE match is nigh impossible and ten friends? Well that’s very near my ability to create a warp field and fly the F off this rock on my own USS Enterprise. So I find myself in a PUG virtually every time I need to collect some Marks. Now with this ‘brilliant’ (insert a heavy load of sarcasm here) new matching system what once took 1-3 minutes now takes longer than most geological events.

So in order to please the angry hardcore gamers that absolutely go nuts when a newbish player doesn’t understand the objective in a PVE, and full disclosure: I have been that guy at least once 😉 Cryptic has managed to piss everyone off. Wasn’t it better to just have a small group of angry frustrated players rather than the entire gaming community at large? I don’t know, maybe it is a misery loves company deal.

They may very well be succeeding at better matching teams, although I am not convinced, I’ll spot the boffins the benefit of the doubt. The delay associated with this leads the now common condition of having to start the queue over because a bunch of players failed to accept the mission when the tenth guy queues up. That used to piss me off back when the wait times were only 2 minutes or less, but now I understand. The first one int he queue often has been sitting there for 15 or more minutes.

Cryptic needs to get more players in the PVE queues or they need to forget about the matching deal and go back to the old way. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough marks to do the projects I want in this new Competitive Rep system.

They also ought to at least have some more patrol missions like the ones in Tau Dewa that yield marks for other rep systems. They already have quite a few Patrol missions scattered in the game that offer experience, why not add an element of Marks to those existing Patrols so we can at least get our projects funded in a timely manner.

I can’t be alone on this. Come on Cryptic, the game is already grindy enough stop making us wait in Soviet bread lines to grind for heaven’s sake. I am starting to think there are angry executives in high places at Perfect World Entertainment who truly hate people. Can you hear that? Sounds like Vincent Price… Buahahaha… Naw, I’m  probably just hearing things 😉

Fix that shit Cryptic!

Meanwhile I am grinding away towards my new carrier from those lovable and fuzzy Vorgons. 400 Lohlunat Prize Vouchers, and counting 🙂



4 thoughts on “Empty Queues and Long Waits

  1. Someone mentioned that the Summer Event may be another reason that contributes to the long queue wait times. There’s probably some truth to it.

    I’ve already forgotten, or I was never clear in the first place… does the Matching system affect all queues, or only the PvP/Competitive ones? The new Queue UI is useless and doesn’t give us any meaningful information as to how many players are queued or estimated wait time. I often see 0 people queued for Red Alerts or CCA, but when I join it’ll pop immediately. Conversely I’d see 3 people queued for Borg Discon or Khitomer Stasis, but it’ll never pop after I joined. It’s just a hot mess right now.

      1. Well tonight I tried to queue up on any of the Competitive stfs for the mcguffins…. I waited on and off for an hour and a half, never popped.

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