First Flight of the Ryn’kodan

I finally got the last 40 Lohlunat Vouchers on Sunday and was able to unlock the new Vorgon Carrier. Yes friends the Admiral is off the leash in a new Ryn’kodan carrier. The ship sports a similarly sexy skin as the Vorgon escort from last year. Seriously, who doesn’t like animal print? No real animals were harmed in the making of the Vorgon ships, they weren’t right ? 😉

Right off the proverbial bat I added some gear and frankly it is a weak setup of mostly Mark XII but several Mark X and XI items also. I flew the ship into the gauntlet of patrol missions in the Top Gun series to see how a modestly equipped Vorgon carrier would fare against other ships on the chart. I discovered that it is the first true Carrier to run the Top Gun so I better add another, and so I did. I had the Admiral run his well equipped Breen Sarr Theln through the Top Gun as a point of reference. The Breen ship had an aggregate average time 10 seconds quicker but it was a better equipped ship including fully upgraded pets and full ship mastery. Frankly the Vorgon carrier is a solid ship with tanking that is unreal. When it is fully mastered and I get around to putting decent gear on her, it will likely close that gap on the Sarr Theln.

This new Vorgon ship is ideal for an engineering type player looking for some pets to sic on her enemies. It is basically a big cruiser with massive hull, moderate shields and trading two weapons bays for two hangar bays. Seriously, look at that level 60 base hull rating 65k, holy nuclear bunker Batman, that thing is built like NORAD! The Admiral is battle ready at 121k hull in this ship, easily the most of any of his ships and he peaks during combat with various engineering BOFF buffs to nearly 130k. I will have to have my top Fed engineer, Rodanna load that ship up with her engineering goodies and expertise to see how much hull she has in combat, I would think that 125k base combat ready is not out of the question.

I think this ship has the highest base hull rating in the game and even with some of the big dreads like the Breen Rezreth that gets a mastery bonus of 10% that still falls a little short of this monster as it also gets the hull boost for mastery. This ship like most carriers gets a shield cap mastery bonus on top of the hull bonus!

I think it is safe to call this the most heavily engineering carrier in the game. Five engineering consoles and the number one is an engineer as well. Most carriers are more science oriented and in the case of the Breen Sarr Theln a solid mix of science and tactical. This is a great ship to generate threat while the fighters lay down some damage.

I think I will do a head 2 head with this new Vorgon carrier and the Breen Sarr Theln in a few weeks. This ship is solid and I believe it would perform very well with a load of Mark XIV gear. I am thinking about taking the special console off the Vorgon Escort from last year and placing it on this ship in conjunction with the new console to get the passive bonus, +17.8% tetryon and chroniton damage. That’s a healthy perk right there. I like the new ship and with the new improved AI for pets, carriers are starting to look good again.



2 thoughts on “First Flight of the Ryn’kodan

  1. I have been drafting up a blog post on my Ryn’kodan as well, but never got around to finishing it because I’m using it for a toon who only has Antiproton gear… she fails to take advantage of the Tetryon-focus on this ship so the build is suboptimal. Makes me not want to post about it. -_- The main thing with the Ryn’kodan is I still can’t tell how effective the native frigates are!

    Also I’m sure you know this already but I feel obligated to point it out: I see you have three Neutronium consoles in your setup, which is way too many! All you need is one (the third one probably only gives you an extra 1% or 2% damage resistance). Trash them and put the Xyfius console in!

    1. actualy the third one gets nearly 3.5% and if it were a fleet grade it would be just over 5% but that will be what I drop when the extra console goes in 🙂

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