Thirteen and a half is here!

The mid-season tweak for season 13 has arrived and it is all of 48 hours old. All I have right now are some early observations and a quick review of the new mission.

STO hasn’t broken any conventions with this mid-season update. We get a new mission that we can run once a week for three weeks each time a new piece of a three-piece set is offered as a mission reward. I like these mission rewards, sometimes this is pretty damn good gear and it is a great for using with alt toons that don’t have the resources for high-end gear purchases either with real world cash AKA “zen” or in-game currency.

This new mission, “Brushfire”, gives us a little more of that dastardly and dishonorable Klingon, Torg. He has aligned himself with the Son’a and the Tzenkethi. We get to do an old-fashioned jail break. KDF General Rodek needs our help to bust free the legendary General Martok, thought to be dead, but instead held captive in a secret installation in the Briar Patch. The good general’s plan is for our away team to pose as prisoners while Rodek gains access using us as bait. Like magic, he gets us in fully armed and ready for battle. This top security prison facility doesn’t even check to see what we’re packing under our fake prison uniforms.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like a prison bust, but seriously, could we not have a little clever intervention by the writers with a brief sub plot where the general takes out the first batch of guards and then we have to get to a storage locker where he beamed in our gear. It is a bit silly that we are dressed in the prison uniform and cuffed, then just as we free General Martok and our cover is blown… Abra Kadabra, we magically appear in our regular uniforms fully armed and ready for battle. Come on, that’s more than just a little stretch on the imagination.

We spend the bulk of the mission on the ground fighting relatively easy Klingon jail keepers and somewhat tougher Tzenkethi who are bound and determined to get revenge on Martok the “Butcher”. The ground battle near the end of the mission drags on about one wave too many and the final ground “boss” is fairly ornery about dying. Then we go to space for the final confrontation which is a bit anti-climatic after the rather epic and long ground battle.

Yes, my friends  it is the standard STO fare. Space, Ground, Space, done. But we get the House Martok Skirmisher Set pieces for a cool starship equipment set so it is worth it. The mission took me a solid 45-50 minutes to complete but I imagine it will be 10-15 minutes shorter as I run it again and again to get the additional pieces to Martok’s set.

The first piece of the set is an Engineering console boosting shields and engine performance substantially and ultimately will offer set bonuses as the other pieces are released over the next two weeks. A transphasic torpedo launcher and a disruptor omni-beam will follow.

Other new bits to season 13.5 aside from the usual glitch patches are the Endeavor System and the all new Ferengi Admiralty System. The Endeavor System is a series of limited time “missions” automatically added to your mission tracker every few days. Should you choose to pursue these which range from actual playable missions to goals like killing enemies with a particular energy type. Special rewards are granted to players that participate and complete these Endeavor Missions. I have yet to participate in one but no doubt will as I do enjoy getting rewards 🙂

I just started the Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty system. This works similarly to the Klingon Admiralty system in that the special Tour of Duty leads to 30,000 dilithium ore. I like this because I acquire a fair amount of the precious ore in the admiralty system. Furthermore and not surprising, the rewards will also focus on Gold-Pressed Latinum. Ooohh… shiny. Works for me 😉

We can all try out a Son’a ship should we win the lock box lottery or choose to spend copious sums of credits on the exchange. I may or may not end up with a Son’a ship, we shall see. Often these ships initially fetch huge ‘bux ‘on the exchange and then settle down to more “obtainable” amounts later. Unless the ship becomes so amazingly popular that it remains  expensive indefinitely. I hate it when that happens 😉

Here ye! Here ye! Go forth and play the new mission, fight the good fight, and get free stuff.


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