My Lobes are Huge!

The new Ferengi Admiralty system is similar to the Klingon Admiralty system in that there is an opportunity to earn freighter loads of dilithium. Many of the missions offer dilithium and the “Tour of Duty” missions will end up delivering 30k of the precious pink crystals. This is all fine and well but the Ferengi aren’t interested in dilithium. They trade in Latinum. Gold Pressed Latinum. My lobes are tingling.

These new admiralty missions often payout in GPL and sometimes were talking about big amounts. 86k at a time even. Admiral Sager has been known to toss the big coin around the Dabo table on Drozana and even on board his own Ferengi Nandi destroyer. But this new admiralty system is rolling 200k a day in Gold Pressed Latinum.

picture of gold pressed latinumRolling into this new mid-season update, Admiral Sager had amassed a small amount of GPL totaling about 100k. Sure he spun the Dabo wheel a bit, bought a few trinkets for the girls on bridge. But in the Federation, Latinum just isn’t that shiny.

I was hoping that the greedy little Ferengi traders would be eager to help us tiny lobed hoomans unload this heavy cache of GPL. Much to the dismay of the Admiral the vendors seem to have the same old shit. How many trophies of a pile of latinum does one really need? Couldn’t I just pile my own latinum in cargo bay three?

I have the holo-emitters and the Risian sunglasses and all the rest of the wares these weasels are peddling. Yet the Admiral is still a Ferengi millionaire. Seriously, the Grand Nagus is getting more than a little nervous here.

Hey Cryptic… yeah you guys… how about some fresh stuff to buy with GPL. Some cool outfits, uniforms, maybe. Maybe some cool ship skins. Yeah that’s it… a skin for the ship that turns the whole ship into a gold-plated look…ooh that would be cool. If those little fat lobed, sleasy Sunday salesmen don’t start bringing in some cool bling to light up the admirals wallet, he may just have to buy Ferenginar. The whole effing planet at this rate.

The Ferengi in Star Trek canon are often dealing in illicit merchandise. You know, the stuff you can’t get legally. Maybe Cryptic can have these large lobed latinum loving larcenists… holy crap, did I just I just ‘5-L’ that! I sure did 😉 Anyway, how about these little leeches, start selling some weapons and gear that is a bit black market. The gear could have some nice specs but maybe has a chance of failing or causing problems randomly or something. It’s banned for a reason right? Maybe there is a ship weapon that fires a hell-force of death doing 2x damage but drops the ship’s shields for 1 second every time it fires a salvo. Could be a console that give a serious boost to a stat but occasionally overloads the dish. Oh this is fresh, could be stolen goods and every time you use the item there is a chance a random bounty hunter beams in or warps in to aid your enemy in an effort to recover the stolen gear. There is quite a number of clever ideas that the gang over at Cryptic could come up with.

These kinds of quirky things might be a fun distraction for toons like Admiral Sager that are thinking about buying entire planets with his king’s horde of gold pressed latinum. Damn, all this Ferengi latinum is making my Lobes HUGE!



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