Now I Fight with House Martok

I managed to get through the “Brushfire” featured mission three times and collect the House Martok set. So now I am fighting with House Martok… so to speak. I decided to equip the set on a brand new ship I acquired. I have wanted to buy the Aquarius ever since I got my Tactical Odyssey which of course can launch an Aquarius pet in combat. The ship is not really a stat heavy beast so I haven’t really been too excited about it but Admiral Sager decided to plunk down some Fleet Credit and buy one, a fleet version at that 😉 I’ll write that ship up later on when I have it fully mastered. Back to today’s topic about flying the House Martok colors.

By now I certainly hope you have all played the mission at least once. If you are brand new to STO then beware I may spoil the story a bit for you. So Martok is alive after all and he is being held prisoner in a Son’a facility in the Briar Patch. It is the dishonorable House of Torg behind it and they are in cahoots with the Tzenkethi. Of course the Tzenkethi want Martok to die a gruesome and agonizing death as revenge for his brutal victory of them. They refer to him as “The Butcher” since he pretty much wiped them out in his encounter years earlier.

Apparently Martok had some sweet starship upgrades that helped him cut down Tzenkethi ships and then he went full Klingon on them in ground combat. As I mentioned a few weeks back, Brushfire is a prison break mission and Martok is all too pleased with you for bustin’ him out. So happy in fact, he rewards you with the ordnance set he used to bloody the Tzenkethi  back in the day.

It’s called the “House Martok Skirmisher Set” and it is pretty cool. It includes the Engineering Console ‘Defensive Configuration’, a 360 arc Beam Weapon, and a decent Transphasic torpedo launcher. Of course you get set bonuses and they are solid. Use two pieces together and get +15 accuracy and +2.5% crit chance. Use all three and you add, Explosive Shearing Torpedo which leaves the opponent at -20 damage resistance for six seconds any time you use a torpedo attack power like spread, high yield, etc. Pretty decent really. Both of these set bonuses are passive and I like that. Cryptic tends to nerf the active abilities so I really don’t like them much.

Look at the console stats: 10% hull, +5 power to shields and engines, 7.5% shield bonus and a 16% turn rate boost. Damn that’s solid, really solid. I have no problem installing this engineering console on a variety of ships. Since I ended up with three of the consoles I spread them around to several of the Admiral’s ships. You get one of the consoles each time you run the mission so by the time you have all three pieces you also have a couple of spare consoles.

I am not a big fan of transphasic torpedos, I think they need more shield penetration, but that’s just my beef. The House Martok version is OK. It has a 20% chance to improve recharge time by 5 seconds, and with transphasics that is a big deal since they recharge at a glacial pace. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about it other than the aforementioned chance to speed up recharge and the set bonuses.

The omni-beam is a pretty straight forward device, you get full beam strength with a full 360 arc and I like em’ This one isn’t anything special, but it completes the set and unlocks the  nice passive bonuses. You also are likely able to use it in conjunction with a crafted Dsiruptor Omni-beam, I haven’t tested that theory but it is true with all the other  crafted/special set omnis. So use it!

I used the Resonant Set to complement Martok’s set. You may recall it is the disruptor dual heavies, resonant transphasic torpedo and tactical console. I feel like these two sets work well together. I am not that fond of having the omni beam aft with three big DHCs up front, but it worked out well enough.

I am going to run Roddicka through the Brushfire trifecta to get the set as she is a Klingon and has a lot more ships equipped with disruptor weapons than does the Admiral. I think this set would work really well with any KDF disruptor equipped ship. It is unfortunately a little out-of-place for use with the Terran Reputation set since Martok has transphasic torpedos and the Terran set features photons. I like the withering disruptors though and I may try this set on the Admiral’s T6 Veteran ship that is equipped with Terran gear and the withering disruptors.

Overall the set seems to enhance a ship’s offensive capabilities nicely and it is well worth a little grinding to get it. The Mission is a bit long, especially on the roof top when it seems like the enemies will never stop spawning in. But a trilogy of 40-50 minute jail breaks is worth while when you get a solid upgradeable set like the House Martok Skirmisher Set.

I will be doing a ship review and or head2head soon on my new Feddie Light Escort which is basically a raider. The Federation is just so prim and proper aren’t they? They don’t  conduct raids so they call it a light escort 😉 The Aquarius is not a fabulous ship but it is much better than I expected. Exceeding expectations is always nice, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Now I Fight with House Martok

  1. I can confirm that you can use the 360 Energy Weapon with a crafted Omni-beam disruptor. It’s pretty special in that this is the first non-crafted omni-beam disruptor available in-game, which is a big deal for disruptor-beam-boats (of which two of my main toons run).

    One more thing I wanna point out about the Martok set: the 3-pc set bonus seems to only work with the set Transphasic torpedo, and not any other Transphasic. It’s probably not a big deal because who’d want to slot two Transphasic torpedo launchers on one boat? But if you do, keep this limitation in mind!

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