About Author

Rod has been an avid gamer since he was a small boy playing Pong and Atari 2600! As a major gaming fan he, enjoys playing XBOX One, 360, PS3, PC and many MMORPGs including his very favorite MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

Rod is a huge fan of all things Trek, but is not one of those dot every “i” and cross every “t” canon perfectionists. He thinks those folks should try to relax a little and just soak up the Trekiness of all these movies and games bearing the likeness and story line from Gene Roddenberry’s masterpiece of Science Fiction.

Rod Sager has been writing regularly for over twenty years.  He has written several thousand articles over the years that have been published in a wide variety of media including, local newspapers, blogs and more than five hundred self published newsletters. Rod is the author of the book “Don’t Panic, now is the time to supercharge your portfolio” published in 2010 and available at his website or on Amazon.   He is also a published photographer and uses his own images in most of his work.  Mr. Sager works locally in the Vancouver, Washington area as a professional, multi-million dollar producing, real estate agent.



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