About Blog

This blog is designed around all things Trek but really will focus on the F2P MMORPG game Star Trek Online from Cryptic Studios. I have spent hundreds of real world dollars and too many hours for a sane man to admit to, playing this game. I have acquired as of July 2017 over one hundred starships across eleven characters. Ten are at level 60 and one is still a Junior Officer. Some with substantial accolades and all Tier V reputation standing in the game.

I am by no means the consummate expert on STO and will likely throw stuff out on the blog looking for feedback. All I ask is that the feedback be respectful. I will approve almost any comment even those in strong disagreement with my views but will not approve comments with vitriolic hatred or excessive vulgarity.

Enjoy the blog and the best F2P MMORPG out there, STO 🙂

P.S. my characters are under the handle @rodsager1964


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