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New Season, Similar Content

The new Season 14 content rolled out last Tuesday and nine days in it looks a little too familiar. I like the additional voice work offered up by Levar Burton reprising his role as Geordi LaForge. He’s now a Captain and sporting a salt and pepper goatee. I mentioned that I maxed out the new specialization tree with Admiral Sager, but he is not likely to utilize that tree. I am working on the tree with my top two engineers, Romulan Be’ina and Feddy, Rodanna. I am a bit mixed on that tree at the moment. We’ll just have to see how it does with a real engineer. It appears that it could help engineers fly battle cruisers without giving up the hull strength or to fly destroyers and still tank well.

There is no new Reputation system this time ’round. I guess that will save me from additional grinding which might free up time to grind the living crap out of this new fleet project they have. That monstrosity is going to be quite difficult to complete.

We have two missions tied to this season the first of which predated the launch and the second of which we just got last week. I and eager to earn the remaining pieces of the new four item package. I do like that both of these new missions are actually short. It isn’t that I don’t want more content, but I personally would rather have three twenty minute missions than one hour long mission. This is especially true when you have to repeat the thing four times to get all the goodies. Kudos to the dev team for keeping these first two missions featuring Levar Burton short and to the point. I hope we get a lot more episodes for this season and Levar Burton is doing a nice job voicing the character.

The new map they launched for the current special episode is nice. Lots of soft color on a world that is a bit ‘paradisey’ in nature. People might want to vacation there. I’ll avoid spoilers, but this mission will offer up a big reveal about the Tzenkethi and their reasons for ‘cleansing worlds’. We are also seeing a revelation that the Tzenkethi may not be a unified force. Interesting plot twist in the story line started in Season 13 and is continuing a bit into season 14 with a merger of sorts between multiple factional stories.

I do hope they plan on releasing additional mission content because this new season seems a bit spartan to me.

As a follow up to last weeks write up on the Trilithium Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher, I still like the overall set but tricobalt torpedoes continue to suck ass. They have a ridiculously long cool down and they don’t do enough damage. Why the hell can’t cryptic punch up the power on them and make them actually a viable weapon?

So what should I write about next week? I won’t have the whole set for the new space set yet and I don’t have any new ships to write up? Should I do a head 2 head? Should I write up some ground gear and or weapons? Maybe one of the rep sets? Let me know?