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It’s Time the Ferengi Up Their Game

I am just about maxed out in the Ferengi Admirality System. I mentioned a few weeks back that I am already a Ferengi Millionaire. Frankly, multi-millionaire with my first billion seemingly close. Exactly how many holo-emitters does one captain really need?

I actually like the Ferengi Admiralty System. It offers the same dilithium opportunity as the Klingon system and also adds the rewards of Latinum. There is the problem of what to do with the copious sums of Gold Pressed Latinum this new Admiralty system can bestow upon us.

The Ferengi are the ultimate capitalists with such a driving force for profit that they have been known to stray a foul of the law in search of additional latinum. Why then are the Ferengi merchants limited to just trinkets? Why are there not a few shady Ferengi offering up some merchandise on the black market. I mentioned the idea of this in a previous post and I think it would add an element of fun to game play. Buying a weapon that is enhanced with an illegal substance or perhaps stolen and when used is comes with the risk of a bounty hunter attacking you randomly. The really “hot” illegal items could be made to not install on proper Feddy ships, you know regulations and such but the Ferengi could have other juiced up items that Feddies could put on Starfleet ships. Illegal items could attract the attention of the authorities when flying in Federation space and stolen goods could attract bounty hunters. These entities could randomly warp into aid enemies you are fighting when using the ill gotten goods. The goods would have to be REALLY powerful to offset the extra attention they garner. It all follows Star Trek canon as there are numerous citations among the TV shows and movies of unscrupulous behavior and the use of banned weapons and equipment.

I also think that the Ferengi could run a used ship store. You trade in an old unwanted ship and they resell it for Latinum. Zen ships and other repurchasables like the Veteran reward ships and others, would not be sellable since they can be re-bought for free over and over. The Ferengi could also sell ships that are no longer available like the event prize ships from yesteryear. This could give new players a chance to purchase ships that are long since unavailable.

The merchant could be located in the Ferengi system or perhaps some distant outpost in non-Federation space. I can see myself earning about 600-800k GPL daily just running the admirality system and selecting the high GPL payouts. At that rate I could be a genuine Ferengi billionaire by the time they release Season 16.

I’m sure my Ferengi toon, Akir would love to be sitting on a giant mountain of Gold Pressed Latinum, but Admiral Sager is not so vain. He wants to put that latinum to good use. Most of my toons would rather spend the GPL than horde it. There is so much Cryptic could do with this new-found source of Ferengi Latinum. Don’t you think for one second they can’t pull it off, because I also play Neverwinter and they do well even more currencies in that game.

I also think that its high time that Cryptic offer up a currency exchange. What is the exchange rate for EC to Latinum, or Lobi Crystals, or Dilithium, and even Zen? I understand fully that Cryptic wants to keep the cash coming in. It is expensive to keep the game up and running and they no doubt rely on gamers buying Zen to keep the whole thing afloat. Creating an exchange for currency would in fact help keep the Zen flowing as gamers willing to “mine” for resources such as EC, Dilithium, Latinum, etc. could trade that for Zen or other currencies on the exchange. We could sell dilithium, latinum, Zen, and Lobi crystals on the exchange. There is no shortage of players willing to spend real world cash to get large sums of these currency resources quickly and painlessly. There is equally no shortage of players trying to play “free” and an exchange could help create a solid symbiosis between them.

So get on that Cryptic!