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Q is back, stayin’ frosty

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s winter event time again. Q is back and he brought with him a new ship. His royal Q-ness has decided to continue the long running theme of stayin’ frosty with the Breen. To all of those that failed to get the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider four years ago, your wait is over. This year Q is offering an updated Breen Raider, the Plesh Tral and it is more or less the same raider trimmed up to T6 strength. Yes friends, now you get a T6 raider with all the trimmings and a cool new mastery trait, “Cold Hearted.” The trait gives a debuff to enemies as you fire on them every time a pilot ability is activated or auxiliary power to emergency battery ability. The ship also get s an “enhanced” version of the ‘sensor disruption field’ console from the T5 ship.

This time round the excitement for a raider is reduced as so many excellent cross-faction raiders have come since January 2014. When I wrote bout the Plesh Brek I was excited about it since Feddies didn’t really have a raider class they could fly. The Aquarius may have been around but that ship is weak sauce.

Now with a wide variety of multi-faction raiders out there this one is anti-climatic. The updated T6 ship will get a Pilot hybrid chair on the bridge and a typical T6 boost to power. The Breen ship in T5 trim was still a solid ship but the addition of the Temporal Raider, Na’kuhl Raider, and the Herald Raider, leave this ship as a bit over matched.  This one will however be a welcome addition for those not wishing to drop heavy coin on the exchange, fat zen in the C-store, or playing the lock box lottery for one of those other awesome raiders.

I will be plying the ice track daily over the next several days to unlock my Plesh Tral. My deal on these freebie ships is all about the starship trait. Even if I don’t use the trait right away, having it unlocked for use on other ships is worth spending a couple of minutes a day racing around Q’s slippery track. Don’t forget that one toon unlocks the ship for the whole account. Why would you not participate?

Also new this year, Q has taken the old European Krampus and the Fek’Ihri “demons” of Klingon lore to create the Krampus’lhri. We get to battle him/her on the ice pond instead of the giant snowman of past years. New rewards are available along with some of the classics.

What’s your favorite Raider?