boffpicDownload the latest BOFF flexibilty and Power rating calculator. Enter the BOFF station information for any ship or a dream ship and the sheet will calculate the BOFF flexibility rating as well as the BOFF power rating using the same formula I use in the reviews of ships. This latest calculator was introduced 1/21/2016 in this post. PLEASE NOTE: this calculator was made using Microsoft Excel 2010 and is locked. Only data cells can be accessed. New version 1/22/2016! Download.

warpDownload my Warp Speed Calculator. This Microsoft Excel spread sheet features two tabs one for the TOS warp scale which has an unlimited range and the TNG scale which is limited to a max of Warp 9. According to my research the TNG warp range between 9 and the maximum of warp 10 was a hand drawn scale with warp 10 being instantaneous travel. All places in the universe at once. Personally I prefer the TOS scale as it is an infinitely predictable log scale. It should be noted that STO does not use actual Star Trek values for warp speed in the game. They have a simple scale where warp 2 is twice as fast as warp 1 and warp 4 is twice as fast as warp 2 and four times faster than warp 1. They did this to make things easier to understand. In the Star Trek universe the warp scale is an exponential scale. They also made the warp speeds much faster since traveling to DS9 from Earth at TNG warp 9 would take two weeks and obviously we gamers are not willing to wait that long to get to our missions 😉 Download.

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