The Trilithium Tricobalt Trifecta?

That’s a mouthful of triples there, right? Before I explain this tongue twisting title, I’ll mention that Season 14 has launched and I will be reviewing more content soon. I have run the new mission with Captain LaForge, the second mission with Levar Burton’s voice work. Both of the missions are fairly short and since we have to repeat them to get the full series of prizes the brief length is a bonus.

This mission features a reward of a five piece space set although only four are required as the warp core and singularity core are mutually exclusive. This set has the aforementioned cores and a space set with deflector, engines, and shield. Glancing at the descriptions and set bonuses they do look promising. Each week a new piece of the set will unlock so you need to do the mission once per week per character.


The new season also brings some additional new material including another captain’s specialization tree, “Miracle Worker.” This one is engineering based which makes sense considering the addition of Geordi LaForge to the mix. Admiral Sager had enough specialization points stashed to max the system out on day one. I’ll take some time in the next week or so to eval the system.

They added a new fleet project but it appears to be seriously grindy and it is not being well reviewed by the community.

All this week the shifty little Ferengi, Gyrm in Drozana Station is giving away freebies so each day, so be sure to stop in and get yours. The little weasel will give you a random token of varying “rarity” and you then open his store and purchase items with the token. Hey, who doesn’t like free stuff?

So last week I mentioned the new ordnance set available through the first Geordi LaForge mission and I have flown a few sorties using the gear.¬† I really want to start with the console. This is a pretty solid unit and is worthy of a spot on all but a few ships. I wouldn’t want this on a ship that only has two engineering consoles but otherwise I like it. +20 to both hull healing and capacity by itself is a respectable passive buff. But add to that the power transfer rate boost which most players will find is around 50-60% and you have a legit console. Oh and it’s free!

The next piece is either a 360 omni beam or a turret. These phaser energy weapons are Trilithium Enchanced. The weapons offer a 2.5% proc that increasing weapon firing cycle by 10% for 15 seconds. It also has a CrtH x2 modifier and a fast 1 second recharge.

The last piece is the torpedo launcher. Trilithium Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher to complete the Trilithium Enhanced Trifecta. The Trilithium seems to increase weapon speed on the two energy weapons but the painfully slow recycling Tricolbalt launcher gets no such love. 30 seconds may as well be next month! Tricobalt torpedos should do ten times the damage they do to offset the ridiculous long recharge time. But Cryptic is terrified of powerful weapons so they nerfed it to the point of being useless.

That point made, the set bonuses may create a desire to keep the stupid launcher anyhow. Equip 2 pieces of the set and you get even more energy weapon haste with an additional 5% firing speed to all your energy weapons. AND +15 to flight speed. All three pieces and you add another +20 hull capacity and +20 all damage resistance. That is probably worth dealing with the tricobalt bullshit.


I have long opined on the futility of tricobalt torpedoes and this launcher is no different, it still sucks ass. But the set bonuses are pretty solid and having a tricobalt launcher on the aft of a big clumsy cruiser is not such a bad thing.

Overall I would say players failing to participate in the easy mission to get these three items are foolish. I have a lot of ships and I can always find room on one of them for a cool set like this.