Head2Head Ground: Twin Terran Terror vs. The Killer Crescent

Last month’s special prize for 14 grinds in the Mirror Invasion was the usual choice of dilith, marks, etc, but also gave us a ground weapon unlock. These are the Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols. I took the liberty of upgrading mine to Mark XIV. The good news is that only one character needs to complete the fourteen runs to unlock the pistols account-wide. Be advised that the other rewards, dilithium, marks, etc. are character unlocked only.

Admiral Sager completed the event and unlocked these Mirror Pistols. I gotta say, these things are pretty cool. I have always liked the dual pistols. It is not that they are particularly effective as much as it is how cool the secondary attack is. There is something special about unleashing  a holy hail of gunfire on multiple targets. This is a standard secondary attack mode for most of the dual pistols in the game. In practice I find the secondary dual pistol attack to be akin to the classic shooter adage of “spray and pray”. It really isn’t that effective, but it is undeniably cool.

That said, I haven’t been carrying dual pistols as a primary load out in quite some time. My goto primary ground weapon over the last year or more has been the Elachi Crescent Pistol. I still think I may end up back to that Elachi beast soon, but for now, The Admiral is toting a set of dual pistols for the first time since, I don’t know how long.

My complaint about the dual pistols has been forged from two observations I have about them in general. First they are not that strong on DPS in the primary attack mode. The secondary attack mode is the ground equivalent of scatter volley but it cannot be used as effectively as scatter volley in space since the ability is somewhat nerfed and does not share the powerful impact of its counterpart for ship weapons. The cone of fire is only 25° and the burst is VERY short-lived.

This tidy little pair however seems to run counter to the first observation. The Elachi pistol has had one of the strongest primary attacks as far as DPS goes of any ground energy weapon. Yet this Mirror Universe pistol set is quite a bit stronger than the Elachi unit. the base damage in Mark XIV trim for the Admiral is 160 versus 175 dps in favor of our Terran Empire ‘friends’.

The Elachi secondary shot is a lot like using beam overload on a ship. It has a similar powerful result, but since it is a single ‘one-off’ shot it, suffers from the possibility of a miss netting zero damage. The ‘scatter volley’ approach of dual pistols guarantees at least some damage will occur as it is nearly impossible for all of the burst of shots to miss.

The Elachi does have a base 5% chance to add salt to the wound of its overloaded secondary attack by adding the proc of +50 armor penetration AND 100% shield penetration. That has a strong possibility of ending the enemy threat in one shot.

The Elachi secondary attack is a stronger attack. It recharges much faster 4 seconds vs 6 seconds and does a MUCH higher DPS of 48 versus 32. Those DPS numbers may seem low but that is due to the cool down on the ability not the actual impact damage which is very high on both abilities.

The Dual Pistols from the Mirror Universe and other dual pistols have the ability to lay down cover fire rapidly as they are firing at a higher pace than the Elachi pistol or other single pistol variants. Against NPC enemies the higher DPS will win the day as they tend to follow scripted reactions. Against player enemies it will depend on your play style and that of the enemy. Laying down more fire may compel a player to take cover. The cone damage may affect multiple players and could allow an outnumbered player to force multiple enemies into cover, securing their escape to safety. That all depends on the players of course. I do not play ground PVP much so I’ll leave the rest of that discussion to more experienced ground PVP players.

Against the Drantzuli in the “Melting Pot” mission, they stun proc seemed to trigger more often than the 5% proc suggests. It is probably the multiple projectiles giving a greater chance to trigger. I am not sure, but it was effective at keeping swarms of enemies off me for the most part. That said the Drantzuli are not exactly the most menacing enemy.

It seems that the Mirror Pistols are better at swarms of light to medium targets and the Elachi Pistol is well suited to heavier targets. That said the choice of secondary weapon can offset the weakness in the primary. I feel like the primary weapon should be a DPS king. Do as much damage as possible then switch to the secondary enemy when the primary proves less effective. In the case of these new Mirror Pistols a good secondary weapon my be a Melee weapon or a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle will provide a slower heavier hitting attack to offset the fast a light attack of the dual pistols. Melee is great for toons with a sturdy setup. I have a classic Klingon toon with dual pistols and a Bat’leth. I am switching that toon to these pistols, permanently.

One note of interest is that the proc on the Mirror Pistols is nerfed against players where as the proc on the Elachi is not.

The Elachi Pistol my be well-balanced with an automatic rifle as the secondary weapon. This Head2Head is a tough call and like some others I have done over the years, play style will determine the better unit as much as the raw stats themselves. Here are some advantages to each:

Elachi Crescent Pistol

  • Very High DPV secondary attack
  • Pretty strong DPS in primary attack
  • Very strong DPS in secondary attack
  • Hard hitting overload shot with big DPV in secondary attack
  • Fast secondary attack recharge of 4 seconds
  • Excellent against strong single targets
  • Very cool crescent shaped projectiles

Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols

  • Very high DPS in primary attack
  • Multiple target secondary attack
  • Fast firing,
  • Easy target acquisition
  • Slows target on hit
  • Multiple projectiles triggers proc more often
  • Excellent against multiple enemies

Best by stats

  • Primary attack DPS : Mirror
  • Primary attack DPV:  Elachi
  • Proc trigger rate:  Mirror
  • Secondary attack DPS: Elachi
  • Secondary attack DPV: Elachi
  • Firing Rate: Mirror

Since both of these weapons have solid strengths and nominal weaknesses I guess this head to head has to come down to the classic DPS and on that metric the new Mirror Pistols win out handily.