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This is where I keep the updated Top Gun Patrol Kings posted. The Top Gear Patrol Runs consist of four Romulan Patrols in Tau Dewa Sector; Carraya versus Tal Shiar, Japori versus Nausicaans, Beta Thoridor versus Klingons, and Narenda versus Hirogens. Jump to chart below.

The current juggernaut is my Andorian Kumari piloted by none other than Admiral Sager. One time I flew a shuttle setup with Mk XIV gear and died a few times. Those times are at the bottom of the “slow” list.

The chart shows a snapshot of the ship and captains abilities and the mark of the gear and such. Lots of acronyms like BA for beam array, OB for Omni-Beam, SC single cannon, DC dual cannon, DHC dual heavy cannon, etc. I have added color coding to the ships, faction and career just to make it easier to see as the chart is a bit bloated with data. The ships are divided primarily by tactical, engineering and science but some ships are a little of both like destroyers and battle cruisers are a blend of tactical and engineering so those are coded orange, you know a little red and yellow together. Likewise for other blends like the Dyson science destroyers and carriers.

Times are posted for each of four patrols in seconds. So 300 seconds is five minutes. Timer starts with first shot fired (this allows for some pre-buffing) and ends when reward dialog box pops. Patrols in which the random “backup” ship aids are not included at this time and all of the patrols are completed without using consumables.

As of 6/10/2018: Andorian Kumari is getting the Roger Maris treatment with an Asterisk. The two times for Carraya and Japori were done in early 2016 before the Andorian Wing Cannon was hyper-nerfed and are now separated from the later test of all four patrols. Post nerf those times are slower. Also I managed to dig through the archives to come up with dates for all the runs, either actual dates of the date published which ever I could find. This may help with determining the “nerf” factor or just based on other changes in game play over time for comparison.

As of 6/17/2018 : The Top Gun chart was getting a bit crowded, so I divided the chart into two parts. The Patrol Kings that are under 3 minutes ( < 180 seconds) and the slower times at 3 minutes or more.

Records for each individual patrol are as follows:

  • Carraya – 58 seconds – Admiral Sager in Andorian Kumari on 1/28/16
  • Japori – 66 seconds – Admiral Sager in Andorian Kumari on 1/28/16
  • Beta Thoridor – 76 seconds – Admiral Sager in Bajorian Interceptor on 2/14/18
  • Narenda – 69 seconds – Admiral Sager in Jem’Hadar Vanguard Raider on 6/19/18

Fastest Science Officer in a Science Ship is Federation Fleet Admiral Rodessa in the Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel with an aggregate average time of 141.75 seconds.

Fastest Engineer in an Engineering ship is Romulan Fleet Admiral Be’ina in the Falchion Dreadnought with an aggregate average time of 145.50 seconds.

The fastest time in a ship equipped with beam weapons rather than cannons is Fleet Admiral Sager in the Vorgon Xfius Escort with an aggregate average time of 120.75 seconds.

The fastest time of any ship limited to Mk XII or lower gear is Federation Fleet Admiral Sager in the Bajorian Interceptor with an aggregate average time of 121.75 seconds.

Top Gun Patrol Kings

Top Gun Slower Times