Top Gun

This is where I keep the updated Top Gun Patrol Kings posted. The current juggernaut is my Andorian Kumari piloted by none other than Admiral Sager. That ship is just dialed in for sweeping through wave after wave of hapless enemies in the fairly soft and easy Romulan Patrols in Tau Dewa Sector. One time I flew a shuttle setup with Mk XIV gear and died a few times. Those times are at the bottom of the list.

The chart shows a brief snapshot of the ship and captains abilities and the mark of the gear and such. Lots of acronyms like BA for beam array, OB for Omni-Beam, SC single cannon, DC dual cannon, DHC dual heavy cannon, etc. Times are posted for each of four patrols in seconds. So 300 seconds is five minutes.

Patrols in which the random “backup” ship aids are not included at this time and all of the patrols are completed without using consumables. I have added color coding to the ships, faction and career just to make it easier to see as the chart is a bit bloated with data. The ships are divided primarily by tactical, engineering and science but some ships are a little of both like destroyers and battle cruisers are a blend of tactical and engineering so those are coded orange, you know a little red and yellow together. Likewise for other blends like the Dyson science destroyers and carriers.